How to win “the owl” and learn to get up early

Как победить "сову" и научиться вставать раньше

If you used to stay up late and half the day to sleep, sooner or later the question arises, what’s hurting you this way of life

It is no secret that every person on this planet is your rhythm of life, in connection with than to fall asleep and have to Wake up at a certain time. But sometimes the internal clock fail and people are divided into “owls” and “larks” no matter what time you need to Wake up.

If your peak activity occurs at night, it means that you are a “night owl”. If you work better in the morning, congratulations – you are a “lark”. It seems that to change the nature of man impossible. But this is not true, experts say. Doctors told, without harm to health can be reconfigured.

Как победить "сову" и научиться вставать раньше

As a rule, “the lark” is always more time for productive activities, and “owls”, though less ability to panic and disorientation, yet are harmful to his health due to the large release of hormones (this kind of doping that allows you to be active in the evening and at night, but doping in any form does not go unnoticed).

If you are really ready to configure your body in new ways (and in this case the main desire), then you need to follow some rules.

First, despite the difficulty of the ascent with alarm, you need to do it immediately, with the first bell. Imagine every morning about what good deeds you can do for yourself for this day, at the same time and awakening will bring joy. After some time, the brain will take Wake for granted and something good.

Of course, you need to follow sleep. Wake up at 9 am will be more difficult if you fell asleep a few hours ago. Take for the rules to bed and getting up at the same time.

Как победить "сову" и научиться вставать раньше

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Be sure to buy a comfortable mattress and pillow. It will bring satisfaction from your slumber and make you feel more happy. Also for energy take vitamins that are so important in the spring. Before bed be sure to visit the relaxing bath, it will soothe and give a feeling of lightness.

Recall that scientists have found the consequences of a sleepless night.

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