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Each week, Here is launching a fashion challenge to the stylist Virginie Fauconnier. A girl like us, who love fashion and fun. His job is to set the stage for the fashion trends that make you dream ? We asked him to wear them … true !

The challenge : wear thigh-high boots without taking the feet in

The response of Virginia

It is borderline the challenge this week ! We’re not going to lie, wearing waders in the life of all days is not the easiest thing to do. Bad choice of material, cup, or heel, and your look will be rather shock than chic. But as I know that you are in YOLO, I want to tell you ” Let’s do it ! “. Here are a few tips to get the most out of these shoes.

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First of all, forget everything that you know on the waders, especially if you think they do that with short. Quite the contrary, it is so Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman if you see what I mean… And if, for a time, they were riding high a little bit on the wave of ” porn chic “, be aware that in 2017 they will play it definitely bohemian, sober, and elegant. I mean long pleated skirts, flowing dresses with printed flowers, dresses sweater or slim gross.

Other detail, but which in reality is not one : the heels… with which the fashion faux pas is all, all around. Hear us well : no, NO and NO, you cannot die under any circumstances for the heels. Is it really necessary to explain to you why ? Instead, prefer a small, square heels if you really want to gain a few centimeters, but the thigh-high boots platforms remain a safe value.

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Finally, do not make the impasse on the matter. A ban : the faux leather shiny and the colors garish. Prefer neutral colors and beautiful materials (the suede or leather for example) and believe me, this is not a question of price : you will find a lot of waders at reasonable prices, that meet these criteria.

Once these few points are discussed, which promise me please not compromise, you can go toddle gaiment with your pretty thigh-high boots, which have the advantage of giving you long legs and you feel, for a moment, in the shoes of Gisele.

Dress Tara Jarmon, thigh-high boots Asos (54,99€) and Chanel bag. Photos By Bruno Pino.

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