How to use the appliances, so they did not break our fault

12 actions that kill your appliances.

Як користуватися побутовими приладами, щоб вони не ламалися з нашої вини

Admit it, many of you pore over the operation instructions of appliances before you start to use them? Most of us don’t even open them. And then we wonder why a few years broken refrigerator and washing machine became worse to wash, informs Rus.Media.

Let’s learn how to use household appliances, so they did not break our fault.

Washing machine

Як користуватися побутовими приладами, щоб вони не ламалися з нашої вини

The most common cause of damage to the washing machine become a small children’s socks, bones from the bra and little Thong panties. Put underwear in a special Laundry bags, so it’s not stuck in the drum.

Don’t forget to check your pockets (especially in children). Coins, candy, chewing gum – bad partners wash.

Do not overload the drum. Moreover, that linen may break and bad dirt, at a high load damaged bearings and eventually flies or torn drive belt, which is involved in the movement of the drum.

Do not misuse the funds from scale. So, they are necessary for cleaning the internal parts of the machine, but are considered a means of aggressive chemicals, too often their use leads to premature wear of the machine.

Periodically pay attention to the washing machine. Don’t leave her in wet underwear, flush the container for the powder, wipe the rubber drum. This will prevent the formation of mold on the machine parts and, as a consequence, the occurrence of unpleasant odor.


Як користуватися побутовими приладами, щоб вони не ламалися з нашої вини

Regularly care for your oven, removing fat from the walls of the chamber. If you give him to accumulate, overheating Sladjana plate or damaged enamel, and the microwave starts to spark and make noise. The plate is on the side wall of the microwave; when you take it from the fat, not scribite too much.

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Do not forget that the microwave can be turned on when it is any product. If the chamber is empty, allow the oven in a working condition, the magnetron may be damaged.

Do not use cookware that is not designed for oven and foil. From the metal parts of the microwave will spark.

You cannot load less than 50 g products. If you put a light product, set next to a glass of water.


Як користуватися побутовими приладами, щоб вони не ламалися з нашої вини

Keep tall items (pots or carafes of water) did not block the rotation of the rocker – sprayer.

Use the special salt: it softens hard water, dissolving the calcium. This is important for the machine, otherwise, over time, the details covered in limescale from the inside and fails.

Always scrape large food remnants so as not to clog the drain. However, do not have to rinse the dishes under the faucet, simply remove neoga crumbs.

If the machine is large, dishes not so much, and you don’t want to run the full cycle for a couple of pints, use rinsing (15 minutes in most cars). So inside the car will not be an unpleasant musty odor and you will be able to wait a day before dishes will not be going.

In most cases, the reason that dishes bad vdevs, not in its nespravne, and that you properly loaded the dishes and picked the wrong program.

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