How to understand that your relationship has run its course

There’s nothing worse than doomed to sail on the Titanic, which will soon go down.

Як зрозуміти, що ваші відносини вже вичерпали себе

Why produce suffering, doubt, pain, and hopelessness? Why stay in a doomed relationship when it is better to cut this Gordian knot? The futility of relationships can be identified by certain signs. How to understand that it is time to cut this of the Titanic, in search of another vessel? Save yourself before it’s too late! How to understand that your relationship is doomed?

Quarrels and conflicts led to the fact that you have crossed the critical line of disrespect. You insult each other the last word, beating the sore point and cynically slowtrane. You can easily fight not only alone, but also organize debates on the people. Mutual contempt destroys everything that was between you. If you’re fighting so that we no longer follow the words, the relationship is doomed, informs Rus.Media.

You started to treat each other with contempt. Women often criticized the low wages of the husband and expresses disdain for his professional achievements. Sometimes they compare a man to someone else who is more successful and rich. And men often scoff at the appearance of the woman and criticize change for the worse. You treat each other with contempt. Such a manifestation of neglect speaks about the imminent parting.

Your relationship is filled with lies. You lie to each other and to themselves. You deceive yourself that you will get better and all will be well. You lie to each other, to stay together. It’s more like self-deception. Growth lies signals the doom of love and relationships. A lie leads to the fact that you each other do not trust. You can’t rely on each other, knowing the unreliability of the partner. Solid distrust the evidence of the inevitable separation.

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Gradually relationship is getting worse? Past wrongs, misunderstandings and problems do not disappear, but accumulate. The causes of conflicts in relationship do not disappear, but becomes chronic. Soon com of misunderstanding becomes so great that you break up.

Have you gone intimacy, and nearby are quite a stranger. Instinctively you begin to move away from each other, reducing the amount of communication, intimacy. Between the two of you formed a sea of indifference. You are moving away, and everything is going to hell.

Physical or emotional infidelity. You have been both pogladte on the side, and maybe even betrayed. Emotional infidelity happens when one partner becomes closer to someone at work or finds a new friend. Physical or emotional infidelity is almost guaranteed to lead to separation.

You have a match in two or more paragraphs? Most likely, your relationship is doomed. Sometimes it’s better to break up with this faster to go in search of a new companion or satellite. Which would be prettier, Vesele more beautiful and better than your current one. Leave failed relationships with former in the past. Move towards new relationships and new love.

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