How to teach healthy food the whole family: the main conditions

Как приучить к здоровому питанию всю семью: названы главные условия

The transition of the entire family on a healthy diet may seem like a real challenge for women

Go to a balanced diet gradually.

Serve the right example

Get ready for that in one hand you will have a cookbook with useful recipes and other you will fry the meatballs with potatoes. Believe, gradually, your food will displace harmful products. Nutritionists are sure to get rid of bad dietary habits for 12 months.

Как приучить к здоровому питанию всю семью: названы главные условия

“The obstacle to the goal can be planned vacations, frequent business trips and upcoming important event, which will take all your attention. The main resources that will be required to achieve the goal, the time and energy,” says dietitian Lydia Ionova.

You have to convince the partner of correctness of the chosen path. Together to change the eating habits will be two times lighter.

Submit it to the diet variety

A balanced diet is not a boring diet, is a new way of life and thinking, which requires self-organization and perseverance.

“Varied menu, not only provide you with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential substances, but also serves as a guarantee of your commitment to a healthy diet in the future and minimise disruption. A diverse diet is not boring, does not cause boredom and a desire to pamper yourself with something tasty,” — says Ionova.

Take the children to the allies

Fortunately, before puberty the children copy adult habits, so to attach the child to a healthy diet is not difficult. Teenagers do not make, follow the required proportions, and then let him decide for himself.

Как приучить к здоровому питанию всю семью: названы главные условия

“In order to organize proper nutrition of the child for a week, take about two pounds of fish, meat, seafood, eggs. This is the protein part of the diet. About two kilograms of dairy products, also in combination; 3-4 kg of vegetables and fruits to a kilogram of cereals. Is grains, which include breads, cereals and what we use as a side dish,” says Marina Makisha, dietitian.

Nutritionists strongly recommend to remove from sight all the sweets that are one of its kind provoke inadequate eating behavior.

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