How to store cranberries in the home

Useful tips when harvesting and preparing berries for storage for the winter.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

How to store cranberries in the home

All Housewives know that any heat treatment of the berries results in losses of useful components. The retention time also plays a role. Cranberry – a very popular and useful berry. It has many useful properties. Cranberry is often make jam, cook the compote. Tasty, but the vitamins disappear from the boil, informs Rus.Media.

To the cranberries to keep the nutrients, you need to adhere to certain rules of storage. Then we will talk about how to store cranberries in the home without a refrigerator.

How to prepare your berries for long-term storage

All nutritionists recommend eating it fresh. But, to preserve, add to various dishes is also helpful. Well it goes well with meat recipe. It is important to know any owner, the conditions under which this berry retains all the beneficial properties.

Everyone who loves to collect, to harvest the cranberries, do it in the autumn, when she starts to Mature. It tastes acidic, but there is a good plus: excellent cleaned of debris and well washed. Best washed berries and put in wooden boxes.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Should not be used for storage (though not long) – plastic containers.

The best time picking berries for storage outside of the refrigerating chamber in the end of autumn. They are quite juicy, beautiful and have a very rich taste. In this period the berries are a maximum of more than in early September. Unripe berries are good to preserve, cook from them jam or compote. You can freeze this crop in the refrigerator.

Storage of cranberries

Cranberry is a berry, which can be stored without a refrigerator or cans for a long time. The fact that this miracle berry contains sulphur and a powerful natural preservative – benzoic acid. If she had been in the fridge – this berry is not good for normal storage. Put it back in the freezer.

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Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Now, as for benzoic acid, it prevents the growth of various microorganisms that destroy the berry. Due to the presence of this chemical component, cranberries are a well-kept without heat treatment. No need to cook, preserve or freeze.

Another such acid is available in the cranberries. Strawberries and blueberries do not have such a natural preservative. Need to know how to store cranberries in the home without a refrigerator.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Preparing berries for storage

Collected unripe cranberries are cleaned from any dust and dirt. Wrinkled berries are removed to use them for making juice (very useful). Unripe berries of the cranberry is also not good. All you have to go through.

All the whole and dorso cranberries stored in the following way:

  1. Not wrinkled, whole berries can be stored in normal home for a few months. This is enough to put them in a dark place that is well ventilated and it is cool. If the room is ventilated insufficiently, the cranberries will begin to gradually deteriorate due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide.
  2. The berry can be filled in a special wooden boxes or in plastic. Do not use thick plastic bags. Also stored in a dark, cool place.
  3. Strive to take away the tainted berries even during storage in a dark place. Iterate Mature cranberries.

If all conditions are met – there will be no problems. Benzoic acid will keep the product from putrefaction.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Ways of storing cranberries

In a glass jar

There is another interesting way how to keep the cranberries in the home without a refrigerator. For proper storage of berries preparing glass jars. In a pot cranberry too will feel.

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If the berries are very rich – they can be stored in enamelware. Such pans should be without physical disabilities. The enamel must be intact, without cracks.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Next, take the right amount of water, boil it, remove from the heat and wait until it cools down. The prepared water is poured into a prepared storage the berries, cover with a lid and leave in a cool place. Now you can not worry about the safety of your valuable product.

This storage method will not harm her. The only thing that can happen – it will “saturate” a little water, palatability may be reduced. In this form it can persist until the next campaign for her.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Cranberry with sugar

The next way women use long ago. Grind together the cranberries with the sugar. It is, of course, very tasty, but should be warned about the downside of this method.

Sugar destroys a lot of vitamins and other beneficial chemical compounds. But many Housewives prefer this option for long-term storage.

Pre-treatment of the berries is the same as in other ways – most importantly clean from foreign debris, dirt. Then it should be dried on clean linen or gauze-based fiber. Sprinkle with sugar, then grind with meat grinder or food processor. You can apply the blender.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

Now, about the amount of sugar. In this case it does not happen much – 1:1. Sweet tooth will love.

In respiratory diseases in the cold winter season, a good tool with a complete set of vitamins. In influenza and other viral diseases is also very useful so the berry mixture. And just nice to drink hot tea with such cranberries in the cold season. This is a very tasty and healthy. Generally, cranberry is good strengthens the immune system.

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In the end – of termonbarry. Many people store the berries in the freezer of his refrigerator. The method is quite simple and does not require any skills and culinary education. Cranberry is also cleaned, washed, dried, placed in the package. Everything is ready. The only advice – don’t defrost all the cranberries.

Take as much frozen berries, how long do you plan to use. It is advisable to first cook in small portions. If it freeze, it will become unusable.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах


Another way to store home – dried. Berry cleaned and washed. Then pour in a pot, fill with water so that the liquid on one finger coated cranberries. Now take out the berries. Water needs to boil and throw berries.

When they burst with – to pull out of the water and place on a baking sheet in a woven basis. If you have baking paper, then it’s an even better option.

Як правильно зберігати журавлину в домашніх умовах

All you need to know:

  1. Berry needs to be collected on time.
  2. Carefully cleaned, sorted (damaged berries should be removed).
  3. Cranberry loves cool, a constant flow of fresh air.
  4. Store cranberry in a dark place, so she is not spoiled.

If you follow the advice, do everything right, gathered berries will be stored for a long period of time, because you now know how to keep her at home. And it will please you taste and medicinal properties.

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