How to start to eat healthy: 5 easy tips

Как начать питаться правильно: 5 простых советов

A gradual and systematic change in diet will help improve overall health and bring the body in tone. But to change food habits should be gradual, so as not to harm health

Experts say that a sharp change in the usual diet may lead to worsening of mood, irritability and even mental disorders, reports Clutch.

To avoid digestive disorders and stress, going on a proper diet you must follow some simple rules.

The right approach

First of all, no need to set a goal to lose weight. The transition to a proper diet will automatically result in the reduction of weight, improvement of all systems of the body, primarily the digestive. Most importantly – do not go sharply with the usual diet vegan or fructarian. The rejection of the usual food, even to need, is a huge stress to the body.

Как начать питаться правильно: 5 простых советов

New food

Nutritionists say that familiarity with a new food adventure. So do not be afraid to try new foods and dishes in addition to the standard set of products. Especially the diverse world of plant foods and seafood.

The signals of the body

Giving up the usual products in favor of new, you must first carefully listen to the body. The body itself will tell you what kind of food he normally perceive, and what will conflict. The main thing – not to abandon plans to establish power.

Как начать питаться правильно: 5 простых советов

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Introduce new foods gradually and in small portions, replacing habitual and sometimes harmful food useful. Alternative products can be searched by taste and composition, as well as health benefits.

Solid position

Moving to a new diet, you need to firmly insist on its decision and not to succumb to persuasion and provocation by relatives and friends. If to eat or to eat food, not to offend anyone, then changes in diet will never come.

Как начать питаться правильно: 5 простых советов

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