How to speed up metabolism and lose weight forever

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

In our body every second there are various chemical processes. We consume food, it splits into simple components, which our body uses to maintain its vital functions.

Part of the energy our body uses immediately, the part lays in reserve, and the part is restored again after use, once again giving us energy. Not one cell in our body cannot be created without the use of energy. In order to digest and absorb food, we need energy, not to mention the mental and physical activities.

All of these chemical processes on the absorption, processing and use of energy in our body scientifically called metabolism, or, in simple terms, metabolism.

We eat, digest and assimilate food, energy circulates within us, stored, consumed. And this process repeats itself again and again.

Metabolism is represented by two processes: anabolism and catabolism.

Anabolism is a chemical processes in our body, in which simple structures are more complex (new cells, tissues, restoring a building material for them, etc.).

Catabolism – the process is the opposite, it represents the collapse of complex structures to simple for the production of energy in our body.

Simply put, during anabolism observed growth and repair, while catabolism decay, loss of cells and tissues of the body, may occur weight loss. These two processes always occur in the body at the same time. But depending on the time of the last food intake, activity or resting one process can prevail over another. For example, after a workout, our body will prevail of catabolic processes, and after the meal – on the contrary.

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People with fast metabolism’s easier to burn fat to recover. They usually feel much better, more healthy and active than people with a slow metabolism.

Therefore, the acceleration or, as they say, “acceleration” of metabolism – a priority for many.

There are several ways to speed up your metabolism:

1. Fractional power in small portions.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

When we eat often (every 1.5–3 hours), our body has a high thermogenic effect. During the combustion of processed food is released as heat. It increases body temperature, oxygen consumption and, consequently, speeds up the metabolism. The oxygen required by the body, because heat cannot be released without it. Another advantage of this diet is that small meals are quickly digested, delivering energy and building material. And when you eat infrequently, in order to save energy, the body slows down the metabolism. Common myth: low calorie consumption is the best way to lose weight. Prolonged adherence to a low calorie diet (more than four weeks), the body in order to save energy in hunger slows down the metabolism, thereby literally saving us.

2. Healthy food.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

Consumption of healthy, minimally processed foods requires the body more energy to digest and acts as a good source of vital energy.

3. A regular exercise routine.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

Numerous studies have proven that any regular physical activity promotes metabolism. The ideal is a combination of power loads (anaerobic) and cardio (aerobic). During strength training, the energy is released without oxygen, greatly depleted the energy reserves of our body. Therefore, after quality strength training for a long period of time, there is increased oxygen consumption by the body and, of course, a faster metabolism. Aerobic exercise significantly increase the body’s ability to transport and use oxygen. Also pay attention to high intensity interval training (HIIT) where you alternate explosive action (acceleration) with low intensity.

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4. Water.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

For anybody not news, the importance of water in human life. We consist of water by 60-80 %. It is responsible for transporting nutrients in our body, excretion of waste products. A sufficient quantity of water consumed allows these processes to occur properly.

5. Eat protein.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

In the diets of most modern people very little protein. But in vain! Beyond the importance of protein in recovery and building processes of the body, it requires to digest much more energy than fat and carbohydrate food (that is, its thermogenic effects above).

6. The building muscle.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

The more muscle you have, the more energy they require.

7. Green tea.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

According to research by American scientists, green tea can accelerate metabolism by 4% during the day. Green tea helps to reduce appetite.

8. Restful sleep and absence of stress.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

When we don’t get enough sleep and are under stress, our nervous system is weakened and we are more prone to violation of the power of self-control. It can also result in a slowing of the metabolism as the body’s response to hard times.

This is the list of the most viable methods to accelerate metabolism, based on numerous studies and on my own experience. In fact, only the first four items can provide you the desired level of metabolism. The rest will be a great addition if you have the opportunity to observe all of these items, that is not always real.

Regarding miracle supplements, products and other things that hit the Internet, tabloids and deceptive advertising, such a panacea does not exist.

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Alas, will not be able to compensate for calories eaten from cakes and drank green tea in the hope of accelerating the metabolism.

Healthy eating and sport is the best way to stay healthy and beautiful bodies.

Как правильно ускорить обмен веществ и похудеть навсегда

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