How to sit at the computer to avoid loss health

Watch your back young!

Як краще сидіти за комп&#039ютером, щоб не страждало здоров&#039я

Computer work rarely irregular. Sometimes people lose track of time: someone has to sit at a monitor for hours, doing the hard work: reports, numbers, strategy, informs Rus.Media.

Whatever we come up with, there are laws of gravity and the support reaction, which have a subtle influence on our vertebrae, blood vessels, breathing. The overall health of the body is provided by the normal circulation of blood to the brain, internal organs, due to the supporting ability of the spine, which has an axial load.

The force of gravity downwards must coincide with the axial loading of the spine.


Як краще сидіти за комп&#039ютером, щоб не страждало здоров&#039я

If we went head first into the work and do not notice their posture, we missed themselves: the vertebral discs, breathing, heart and brain.

Tired body wants only to sleep and back could not straighten up. Each person has his own biological resource: someone he is exhausted for the year, someone in 5 years. So long, and “burn out”.

So if you don’t visit fresh thoughts, ideas, work is not the same performance, and ease, and the reaction is inhibited, pay attention to the position in which you sit in front of the monitor. Arbitrary posture when working at the computer can cause the development of early osteoarthritis, high load on the cardiovascular system, Central nervous system depression.

If you do not pay attention to this question, the person waiting for osteohondroz, lumbalgia, ischemia, senile. Did we scare you? Better to know this threat now than to blame themselves for the wrong posture.

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How to sit correctly at the computer

To be workable and to maintain health, from the point of view of posture, should be the position of a schoolboy: got the foot on the floor, legs slightly apart. It is very important that the chair seat was around and it was time to return a little to the left or right.

The position of the spine while seated pelvis on the ischial tuberosity (not sacrum or coccyx), bending spine, thoracic spine aligned, visually position as a schoolboy, cervical – level position of the vertebral body, which provides nourishment to the brain via the paravertebral vessels. The position of the cervical depends on the freedom of the carotid arteries, located on the front of the neck.

In the body must work a cushioning system support. Some time we may fall in the “hammock”, presidet, sliding off the chair. But then again you need to return to the position of the student.

Як краще сидіти за комп&#039ютером, щоб не страждало здоров&#039я


Must be a change of activity. Every 40 minutes you need to get up from the table for 10 minutes, then and work will be most effective.

Computer it is advisable to keep at eye level, the chair needs to be variable height, elbows on the table – it is a prerequisite that must be considered when permanent work at the monitor.

The body is designed for 12 hours of work at the computer. If this is unfortunately your case, it is recommended specially to pump up the back muscles to better hold the spine. Such training will be a great addition to the right back position.

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