How to select suit for men according to the size

What should you consider when buying a suit in the first place.

Як вибрати костюм для чоловіка за розміром

The appearance of the business man is his calling card. By the way you look, your partners and customers can make which you professional. Because it does not say, still meet on clothes, informs Rus.Media.

But to buy a presentable business suit is half the battle. The most difficult to choose a jacket, pants, shirt and accessories so that they perfectly emphasized your style and status.

Below you will find some practical advice on this subject, which will help you to choose the costume on the figure.


General view

Wearing a suit, take a natural pose. It is not necessary to involve the stomach and straighten your shoulders – you have to see how it will sit in a suit in everyday life, not in front of the mirror in the dressing room. Then raise your hands up to the sides, a little walk. If the pants or jacket hold down your movements, you missed a model or a size.


The shoulders of the jacket should not droop and wrinkle. The bag seam should begin strictly where the shoulder ends. If he’s hanging over the shoulder, or, conversely, creates a “wave”, it means that the jacket you big or small.


The fit of the pants must match the shape of your thighs. There are some nuances. First, the waist line should be always in place, regardless of whether you sit or stand. Secondly, the folds of the pants must match the shape of the body, when you’re just standing, the pants should not wrinkle neither the front nor the back. Third, the pants should not be too much fitting thigh would be uncomfortable to sit, and everyone will know what underwear you prefer. Fourth, stepping the line should be high enough to avoid sagging. Otherwise, it will create “effect trousers”. Pants with low armhole, of course, have the right to life, but not in a business suit.

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The length of the pants

The pants are too long if the leg is in the boot, forming a large pleat. The pants are too short, if the leg is not with regard to shoes and visible socks. Pants the correct length if the cuffs of the Trouser legs a bit falls on the Shoe, forming a barely noticeable elegant pleated. Remember: if you do not see your size, it is better to buy pants a little longer you can bend it in the Studio.


To check whether small you jacket in girth, stand in front of the mirror and fasten with one top button. Have well-fitting single-breasted jacket lapels and the floors are neatly fit together, button fastened freely, without tension. If the jacket is too small for you, then on the abdomen formed a ugly crease in the shape of an “X” by which the top and bottom will look like a shirt, the button will puff up, it’s about to come off. If you jacket great, the floors will be connected overlap, like the robe with the smell.

Sleeve length

Golden rule of correlation length sleeve jacket and sleeve length of shirts is 1.5 cm so the cuffs of the shirt should “look out” from under his jacket. If the cuff is completely hidden, therefore, the jacket sleeve is too long, if completely visible too short. As for shirts with short sleeves, to determine the ideal length of the sleeves, focus on the wrist joint. The jacket sleeve should be slightly longer than the bend of the wrist.

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The length of the jacket

The jacket should be long enough to cover the curves of the buttocks and short enough to open the leg line. There are two ways to determine the ideal length of the jacket. First: measure the length along the back from collar to the floor, and then divide the result by 2. Second: to use as the “rulers” hands. For this you need to lower them at the seams (not pulling and straining not specifically) – the jacket should end at about the middle of the palm. However, this method is “error” – the accuracy of the measurement depends on individual anatomical characteristics of a person.


The collar of the jacket should have a good fit the shirt collar, which, in turn, is a bow neck. Perfectly, that is not a “choke” and not “hang out”. Stand sideways to the mirror and look at the collar. If the collar is to pull it underneath the folds are formed, so that jacket doesn’t suit you. The reasons may be different – not the same size, does not fit in the shoulders etc.

In most cases, you need a suit for every day, which is the main requirement is the ideal ratio “price-quality” and relative democracy. The main “working” version of the suit can only be the classic model. Ultimately the choice is yours!

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