How to remain calm in any conflict

Conflicts – an integral part of every person’s life.

Як зберігати спокій при будь-якому конфлікті

“Conflicts are devastating on the human brain. In the process of evolution we protect ourselves whenever we feel threatened. However, we do not fight like a badger with a coyote and not run away like a rabbit from a Fox. Our basic impulse for self-protection operates in the automatic and unconscious”. Diane Musho Hamilton

Emotional intelligence is “the ability to recognize and manage their own emotions and emotions of other people.” Low level of emotional intelligence is the result of an inability to maintain composure. All this sooner or later leads to conflicts. A high level of emotional intelligence is able to eliminate the conflict, giving the person the ability to remain calm even under the most adverse situations, informs Rus.Media.

So, try to figure out how to remain calm in conflict situations, given the 6 effective techniques.

Conflicts – an integral part of every person’s life. Even the most calm people at some period of his life pass through them. Basically, the person is not able to control the conflicts. The only aspect of the conflict situation that we can control is our reaction to it. We are able to recognize, accept, and even to manage their own negative emotions. What do I need to do?

Breathe deeply

The ability to remain calm and focused in the process of conflict depends on your ability to relax your body. Several surface and shallow breathing is a natural reaction of the body to stress. Continue to practice deep breathing, which is able to include much-needed common sense.

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You will only need to take a deep breath and exhale. Such breathing practice slows down the production of stress hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.

Focus on your body

Why is this necessary? The maximum concentration by physical sensations within the framework of the conflict, allows you to modify them on a conscious level.

When you focus on the body may feel some tension, shallow breathing and other symptoms that accompany stress.

How to achieve this? At the slightest tension to try to return to some neutral state, thus relaxing the shoulder girdle and hands. This position expresses a positive mood, which in turn is able to quickly extinguish the arisen conflict.

Be careful listening to the other person

The second party to the conflict may initiate a dispute at the thought that the opponent can’t hear. Besides it is impossible to end the conflict without a careful hearing.

Try to focus on the words of an opponent. Throw away thoughts and desires to kill his own remarks. After the conclusion of the dialogue, your thoughts will gather in one plausible answer.

Phrase your question in an open form

Question in the open form are an integral part in the settlement of disputes and conflict situations. In addition, they indicate for your care, respect and the ability to formulate and Express their own thoughts.

To address the issue in public in the first stage more difficult. Importantly, not addressing his opponent openly simple questions with “Yes” and “no.” Use a special design, including such interrogatives as “why”, “why” and so on.

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Speak quietly

The intensification of the conflict is to increase the tone or voice. The reverse situation, in which your dialogue is filled with soft and calm dialogue is able to settle the dispute. Indicators of volume (refer here and tone of voice) are directly associated with blood pressure. When the pressure reaches a certain point, to continue the conversation and understand the meaning of what you heard words becomes even harder.

We agree that we disagree

Not every dispute is a mutually acceptable final. Whether to avoid or not make the situation worse? Yeah, maybe. Just for this it is time to withdraw from the dialogue.

The so-called law of interpersonal conflict consists of 2 persons. Try to perform a disengagement in one of the following situations: hostile opponent; communication has stalled.

In the process of using some of the tips you will be able to feel your own confidence in one or another controversial situation. This way you will be able to gain the trust and respect from opponents. And the reason is that your balanced and peaceful state.

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