How to recover from antibiotics: “save for the liver”

Как восстановиться после приема антибиотиков: «спасение для печени»

How to reduce the negative effects of antibiotics to a minimum

Sometimes ordinary cough medicines are ineffective against the disease, and then have to take antibiotics. Of course, they help alright, here are the consequences of following them are very different, and almost never positive. Many scientists have proven that antibiotics are very bad for the liver and violate the bowels, as kill not only the bad but also the good bacteria.

We all know that the Foundation for good immunity, healthy microflora. What to do when it just leaves much to be desired?

Doctors believe that a special diet while taking antibiotics prevents any unpleasant consequences. First and foremost, they recommend the use of probiotics in the capsules, and to prepare the starter. For best results, it is important to take probiotics a few hours after the antibiotics and renew their admission after completion of the course.

Как восстановиться после приема антибиотиков: «спасение для печени»

Doctors also recommend to include in the diet of fermented foods such as natural yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi. In the course of the research, the scientists found that such products are not allowed to develop enterobacteria responsible for bowel disease.

No less important in the period of treatment is to eat foods rich in fiber. It accelerates passage of food through the digestive system and at the same time helps to cleanse the body. According to nutritionists, a person need 25 grams of fiber a day. It can be found in foods such as wholegrain bread, cereals, nuts, beans, berries, broccoli, bananas, seeds and many others.

Upon completion of the course of treatment with antibiotics, physicians are advised to help flush your body with antioxidants. For example, just 100 grams of red wine contain a sufficient amount of polyphenols that can protect cells from damage and to increase the number of bifidobacteria. Not inferior red wine, cocoa, green tea, cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate.

Как восстановиться после приема антибиотиков: «спасение для печени»

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Previously, scientists told about the unpleasant consequences for children after taking antibiotics. The treatment of children under two years of age with antibiotics increases the risks of development of obesity. The longer the children take this medication, the greater the risk of excess weight.

It was found that if children under the age of two years, prescribe antibiotics, the probability of obesity increases by 26%. And the longer the child takes this medication, the higher the risk. The risk also increases if you change antibiotics. Girls who have been through treatment four types of drugs are 50% more likely to have obesity.

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As reported Politeka, after antibiotics, the intestinal microflora is restored within six months scientists.

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