How to recognize dangerous signs of depression in yourself and loved ones

Как распознать опасные признаки депрессии у себя и близких

It has long been proven by experts that depression is not a change of mood, but a serious disease that requires the intervention of specialists

Early detection of depression may be the first step to healing. Look for these signs. If they have you or your family, perhaps you should seek help from professionals.


Depression is a mood disorder that affects how you feel about life in General. A hopeless or helpless Outlook on life is one of the most common symptoms of depression. Other key feelings are the feeling of worthlessness, self-hatred, or inappropriate guilt.

Как распознать опасные признаки депрессии у себя и близких

Loss of interest

Depression can cause you to stop to enjoy the things that pleased you before. Loss of interest or rejection of activities that previously brought you pleasure are another sign of serious depression. Also you may notice a loss of interest in sex.

Chronic fatigue and sleep problems

One of the reasons for loss of interest in your life is chronic fatigue. Depression is often accompanied by lack of energy and excessive sleep. Depression may cause the opposite effect, e.g. insomnia.


Although depression itself does not cause anxiety, these two conditions often occur simultaneously. Symptoms of anxiety may include:

— Nervousness, anxiety or feeling of stress;

— A sense of danger, of panic or fear;

— Heart palpitations;

— Shortness of breath;

— Increased perspiration;

— Twitching of the muscles;

— Problems with concentration.

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Depression can affect men and women. Studies have shown that symptoms of depression in men often include irritability, risky behavior, substance abuse or inappropriate anger.

Changes in appetite and weight

Weight and appetite can fluctuate in people with depression. This experience can be different for each person. Some people may experience increased appetite and weight gain, while others can stop hunger and start losing weight.

Unmanaged emotions

Mood swings are also common symptom of depression.

Как распознать опасные признаки депрессии у себя и близких

Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts

Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts can also be a symptom of deep depression. Consult the experts when this symptom.

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