How to raise a daughter, she will grow up a real woman

A small child needs to feel her femininity.

Як виховувати дочку, щоб вона виросла справжньою жінкою

To raise a child-a boy a very important sense of purpose, responsibility and success. With girls it’s different. A small child needs to feel her femininity. Naturally, to get that feeling is from the mother. If the mother does not care about its internal state and health, supports a healthy atmosphere in the family, your feelings are just suppressed, informs Rus.Media.

In under one year of age the girl has to literally “swim” in parental love. All her needs must be met. And the most important needs are safety, attention, food and warmth. Parents must often take the child to her, talk to her, to give her his love.

As a result, the girl in the first few months of his life to learn to perceive the world as a generous and positive. This will allow you to lay a solid Foundation of the relationship to themselves and the world.

Up to three years on the personality of the little Princess have a serious impact dad and family relationships. If the mother is on an unconscious level does not respect man and not take it her daughter all of these settings will be transferred. Of course, there are often situations when a woman is disappointed in her man. She speaks of him is incorrect and disrespectful. Naturally, her daughter will react to it as well.

The relationship between the parents should be respected. It is very important for happiness is not only daughters but also sons.

In addition, it is now customary to argue that a woman should be independent. She needs to maintain herself. If a mother will inspire her daughter this opinion, it is unlikely that she will be able to create a happy and complete family. However, reasoning about what is necessary for happiness only to marry well, too, are false. In this case, the girl will turn into a completely helpless woman who will be completely dependent on her husband.

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For true happiness is balance important – good job, happy family, reliable husband, health, kids and so on.

Many mothers teach their daughters that needs to provide for the family man. However, behind every successful man stands a wise woman. And this, unfortunately, many moms forget.

To four years the girl is trying to attract the attention of the Pope. So he has to treat her with attention and care. But it does not stop. It is important that his attitude to his mother was the same way. Observing the behavior of the father, the girl will aspire to be like the mother to the father, and after future husband that she, too, loved and respected.

Як виховувати дочку, щоб вона виросла справжньою жінкою

What to do if the father of the girl has not? It should replace some of the older relatives in the male line. If the parents are divorced, for the sake of happiness of her daughter they must treat each other with respect.

As for praise, it is not necessary to look for a reason to praise the girl. This can be done just like that. Don’t push at her daughter, forcing her to make great achievements and victories. In the quest to achieve the desired result, she will lose her femininity. The girl will grow with a clear understanding that love is not earned – it must be earned. As a result, she will not accept love from others if, in her opinion, she didn’t deserve such generosity.

A woman should be happy just because she is a woman. And that’s all! She doesn’t need something someone to prove. Even if this involved men.

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What else is important in the educational process of the little lady? Of course, condolences. Therefore, parents should encourage her for caring about animals, feelings and care about other people. All this contributes to the development of sensitivity. At the same time is possible and even necessary to build a trusting parent-child relationships. If the girl trusted you with my secrets, you should not tell others about them. Tell me you’ll lose her trust forever.

At the age of a teenager girl needs to instill a craving for female arts. It’s sewing, knitting, embroidery. You can also start to teach her to cook, lay the table nicely, properly meet the guests, to create comfort in the house. Teenage girls have formed a women’s identity, self-esteem.

Як виховувати дочку, щоб вона виросла справжньою жінкою

By the way, about self-esteem. Parents should not impose daughter has their own tastes in choosing clothes. The latter should correspond to the fashion trends to make a girl feel comfortable among peers.

If in the appearance of the girls there are flaws, the mother needs to help him to eliminate them. But it should be done with extreme care. Otherwise, girls can develop a whole bunch of systems.

At this stage you can teach a daughter to care for him. You can teach her to paint her nails, to care for the skin, hair and body.

Як виховувати дочку, щоб вона виросла справжньою жінкою

If the girl was fond of sports, dancing, music or foreign languages, then, of course, such aspirations need to be encouraged. For the formation of a full and happy female individual all-round development is of great importance. But, as has been said, not worth it to push and force him to do anything. This approach will cause a backlash.

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