How to protect yourself from cancer: the science

Как защититься от рака: советы ученых

Annually to combat cancer, leaving a lot of money, only in the United States for the treatment of dangerous diseases spent about 1.16 trillion. dollars

Statistics show that 50% of cases cancer can be prevented. Causes of malignant tumors is not always possible to establish, however, scientists are trying to cope with this problem.

So, for example, green vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll, which enhances the action of magnesium. This element plays an important role in preventing colon cancer. Oncologists suggest to include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables. They contain fiber, which helps to keep the microorganisms entering into the struggle with stomach cancer. Also, these bacteria reduce inflammation in the intestines and protect the DNA molecules.

Как защититься от рака: советы ученых

Among all fruits and vegetables are the most useful tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage, raspberries and blueberries.

For those who don’t know, every day should eat nuts, which will be particularly useful for smokers — reducing the risk of lung cancer. Nuts slow down the oxidative process in the body, which is caused by Smoking. Especially useful are Brazil nuts as they contain high amounts of selenium, with antioxidant properties. Scientists recommend daily to eat at least 20 nuts.

Urologists often recommend not to eat red meat as it can increase the risk of cancer in the colon. Is it better to eat the fish. Store finished meat is less healthy than raw. Scientists advise to buy raw meat, but before cooking, marinating them in thyme and rosemary, as these herbs have anti-oxidant effect.

Как защититься от рака: советы ученых

To be healthy, not necessarily to exhaust yourself with intense daily workouts. To exercise appropriate several times a week in order to keep the amount turned out about 2.5 hours. This way you can reduce cancer possibility by 30% compared to those who have insufficient physical activity. In addition, exercise prevent weight gain and obesity, as you know, the extra pounds increase the risk of mutation of healthy cells in malignant tumors.

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Dermatologists say that the skin is very vulnerable to cancer. They recommend to stay in the sun apply a sunscreen with high protection from UV rays and upgrade the cream throughout the day. The degree of protection cream should be at least 30 (spf 30), but even in the city it is recommended to use cream with spf 50. On holiday in Sunny countries, sunscreens are especially needed.

Как защититься от рака: советы ученых

The researchers also recommend the minimum use of plastic utensils and packaging. In plastic contain carcinogenic components that can trigger the transformation of healthy cells to malignancy. Instead of plastic containers it is better to give preference to paper bags. Water in plastic bottles also will not benefit. Better to put good filters tap water than to drink it from an unsafe containers.

Another important tip — wash stuff at home. After all, for dry cleaning clothes and furniture used perchlorethylene. This solvent can cause cancer of the kidneys and liver. Clothes have to be washed or cleaned independently using the least aggressive cleaning agents. In addition, when choosing clothes you need to pay attention to the label. If the icon is a letter R in a circle, you should refrain from the purchase. If that thing gets dry it will be cleaned using a carcinogenic solvent.

Как защититься от рака: советы ученых

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