How to protect hair from the sun: simple tips

Как защитить волосы от солнца: простые советы

Sunny days are just around the corner, so it’s time to protect hair well in advance and take the necessary measures

Every woman knows that to stay long under the open sun is harmful for the hair. The hair in the sun to dry, and also changing the colour, it fades.

Most fortunate dark-haired ladies. In dark hair contains eumelanin, which protects the hair from harmful effects of sunlight.

But even dark hair under the sun, acquire an ugly yellow tint. What should I do? Less walking? This is not the way. There are other ways to protect curls from the sun.

Как защитить волосы от солнца: простые советы

In cosmetic shops you can find a lot of sunscreens. Often such funds are available in the form of sprays. Sprinkling the hair by such means, it is possible to create a thin invisible protective film on the surface of hairs. This film will save the hairs from drying out and other problems that can appear due to sun exposure.

Those women who have hair and without sun exposure very dry, it is recommended to use cosmetic oils or any products that contain these oils. These funds will help to avoid over-drying already dry hair. There is a sale and a special shampoo that create the hair a film that protects hair from UV rays.

Women who do not want to spend money on expensive protective cosmetics, can use people’s. Good protection can be created, was washed after washing (or just before going out for a walk) hair juice of a whole lemon, diluted with 250ml of water. In the solution you can also add vinegar (Apple). This home remedy will not only protect curls from the sun, but also make them smooth and radiant.

Как защитить волосы от солнца: простые советы

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