How to make your brain understand that you need to save and not spend. When you were captured purchases, it becomes very difficult to stop

How to teach the brain to save and not spend.

Як заставити ваш мозок зрозуміти, що вам потрібно заощаджувати, а не витрачати. Коли ви потрапили в полон покупок, стає дуже складно зупинитися

When you were captured purchases, it becomes very difficult to stop. All you want to do is to buy yourself something nice, right? Buy activate the pleasure centers in the brain, and thus, it is difficult to force myself to stop buying. We offer you tips on how to make your brain understand that you need to save and not spend, informs Rus.Media.

Be employed

The first thing you need to realize is that often you automatically do when you are bored or you feel unhappy. Employment may be an antidote for both of these things. A great way to enjoy your time is to find a new, inexpensive hobby. For example, you can start to do crafts, painting or any other activity that will occupy your thoughts and hands. When you are busy, your brain will not think about a selfless purchase.

Find new ways of entertainment

For many people there is no better entertainment than spending time in a nightclub with friends and plenty of spirits. This is a very expensive pleasure, and even harmful to your health. But you can meet with friends at someone’s home, it would be much cheaper than the checks in places of entertainment, plan a movie night, organize a trip to the Park, or just do some sport. You

Plan purchases

Very often you make unnecessary purchases because you clearly don’t know how much money you spent. Develop a personal budget based on how much you earn in a month. Fix all mandatory monthly expenses, such as utility bills, rent or mortgage and other items for which you pay the loan. The amount that is left is your budget for expenses. It is very convenient to download a special app on your phone to track your expenses – once you see how much money you give, you will understand that you need to spend slower. A further part of the amount from your monthly income automatically transferred to a separate savings account.

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Pay cash

Another way to reduce costs is to limit the use of credit cards. Select a certain amount of money in the beginning of the week. Try to use this amount so that it will last at this time. Thus, you will physically see how much money you spend. When you use the card, your brain records the amount of actually money you pay. Try this experiment for one month and you will be pleasantly surprised by seewagen amount.

There are many ways of effective cost control if, while you clearly will not put himself the task to save, you will always spend more than planned. Monitor your funds and you can easily improve the efficiency of spending.

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