How to make a drink for weight loss and rejuvenation

Как приготовить напиток для похудения и омоложения

Always use mineral water with gas, doctors do not recommend.

To quench your thirst and be filled with vitamins and minerals will help refreshing summer cocktail, or Water Sassi, named in honor of the American women Cynthia Sass who came up with this original recipe. The doctor suggested to drink this drink is for those who want with diet to get rid of the “fat apron” and have a flat stomach.

This cocktail is useful not only for quenching thirst but also for improving overall health, weight loss and rejuvenation.

It normalizes digestion, reduces fermentation and gas formation in the intestines, speeds digestion of fats, relieves edema, due to saturation of body fluids improves the overall condition of the hair and skin. It is contraindicated only for people with stomach ulcers, gastritis and renal insufficiency.

To prepare this miracle cocktail simple.

A classic recipe of water Sassi
Take two liters of drinking water, add it 1 lemon, cut into slices (you can substitute lemon juice), 1 peeled cucumber too slices, 10 a for more hands leaves of fresh mint or 1 teaspoon dried, 1 teaspoon ginger. Insist the mixture for the whole night in a non-transparent dish on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and drink throughout the day.

A quick method of cooking
Slice a peeled cucumber and mint leaves into small pieces and mix in blender with small amount of water until smooth mass.

Then dissolving the resulting mass in the desired amount of water, add lemon juice, grated ginger and refrigerate for one hour.

Water Sassi based on citrus
Orange cut into half rings together with the skin. 2-3 Mandarin is divided into lobes, each lobe pierced.

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Ginger, wash and grate to make 1 tsp.

7-10 sage leaves washed with water and stretch.

Ingredients to put in a glass bowl, pour 2 l of water. Leave overnight in the fridge.

How to drink Water Sassi
Split 2 L. approximately 8 glasses. If you drink, follow these guidelines:

I a glass on an empty stomach after waking up;
II and III, the glass between the first and second Breakfast (an hour after meal and half an hour before meals);
IV and V glass – between second Breakfast and lunch;
VI and VII, a glass – between lunch and dinner;
VIII the glass an hour after dinner.

It is not recommended to drink water Sassi later than two hours before bedtime.

If you do not have Allergy to this drink, in the evening preparing the next batch.

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