How to lose weight without starving the secret of harmony from Chinese expert

Как похудеть не голодая: секрет стройности от китайского эксперта

Chinese doctor revealed the secret of slim women who do not limit themselves in food

For weight loss Chinese medicine recommends not to starve, and to meet their needs for food by 50-70%, said the chief doctor of a clinic in Beijing, Liu Jinyuan.

“Regardless of how much you have eaten, the spleen is still working 100%. And food becomes a tonic, and not fat. This is the best option,” — said the expert.

Как похудеть не голодая: секрет стройности от китайского эксперта

As noted by the expert, plus the need to move more, because movement without weight loss is impossible. He added that speed up your metabolism sometimes you can put the needles.

With regard to taking different supplements for weight loss then Liu Jinyuan advises never to try, because these drugs cause harm. He explained that his clinic treats many women with impaired bowel function after taking these drugs.

“In our clinic, we saw patients who refused to eat, had no appetite, they could not eat — such women very much,” concluded the medic.

We will add, earlier we described a similar method which allows you to lose weight without dieting and prohibitions.

Intuitive nutrition originated in America in the 1970-ies. Its founder was a nutritionist Stephen Hawkes, who developed the basic principles of food, in accordance with his views. Soon his ideas were taken up in the world.

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The basic idea is to listen to the needs of your own body. Intuitive nutrition involves a conscious attitude to what and how much a person eats. There is no restrictions or diets. The body works in such a way that responds to strong objections by the desire to get banned. That is why any diet is challenging and often results in breakdowns on junk food. So thanks to intuitive nutrition people can eat something in moderation, if she really want to.
Как похудеть не голодая: секрет стройности от китайского эксперта

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