How to lose weight with the help of pasta: basic rules

Как похудеть при помощи макарон: основные правила

The pasta you can eat on a diet

Products made from durum wheat is considered to be quite useful, so they can be eaten on the diet. It is reported a nutritionist Svetlana FUS on his page in Facebook.

FUS argues that when trying to normalize the weight, people eliminate the pasta from your diet. Although, actually, there’s pasta, which do not belong to the category of “harmful flour”.

Как похудеть при помощи макарон: основные правила

“First of all, I want to remind you that the most useful pasta from durum wheat. The calorie content of its dry form, is 250-350 kcal per 100 g of product. And this frightens many. But do we eat the pasta dry? After boiling, 100 g of the finished pasta are calories 130 kcal/100 g and a glycemic index of 40. And it’s a little more than 100 g prepared buckwheat, oats or rice porridge,” — says the expert.

Pasta from durum rich in fiber and vegetable protein, contain vitamins, minerals and are a source of complex carbohydrates. In addition, contain almost no fat.

However, using this product is recommended to observe the following rules:

— Choose pasta made from flour of durum wheat.

— Cook them correctly. Better to the state of al’dente — not to tenderize — usually up to 10 minutes of cooking.

— Less salt.

— No cheese and mayonnaise sauces. Macaroni (pasta) in a cafe — it’s calorie bomb where a lot of salt and cheese-mayonnaise sauce.

Combine with stewed tomatoes, sauce, vegetables of own production. It will be tasty and low in calories.

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The best “gastronomic satellites” of pasta, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood.

Pasta can be used for both adults and children, of course, if there are no Allergy or intolerance product.

— Note: the person to eat but not to overeat, enough 100 g of the finished pasta, if we are talking about the main dish. And half smaller if they are the garnish.

— Pasta of durum wheat is best consumed in the morning or in the afternoon. Not later than 4:00 to sleep. But not at night!

Как похудеть при помощи макарон: основные правила

Pasta from soft wheat varieties should be avoided. And use this product better not more than 2 times a week.

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