How to lose weight and get healthier without dieting and prohibitions

Как сбросить вес и оздоровиться без диет и запретов

A new trend in nutrition is gaining popularity around the world

Intuitive nutrition originated in America in the 1970-ies. Its founder was a nutritionist Stephen Hawkes, who developed the basic principles of food, in accordance with his views. Soon his ideas were taken up in the world.

“No” to diets and prohibitions

The basic idea is to listen to the needs of your own body. Intuitive nutrition involves a conscious attitude to what and how much a person eats. There is no restrictions or diets. The body works in such a way that responds to strong objections by the desire to get banned. That is why any diet is challenging and often results in breakdowns on junk food. So thanks to intuitive nutrition people can eat something in moderation, if she really want to.

Как сбросить вес и оздоровиться без диет и запретов

Reasonable satisfaction of hunger

Intuitive power provides control over hunger and satiety. Food should not become a distraction or an antidepressant. You need to eat only when there is a feeling of hunger. Preference should be given to products, pleasure as taste and use. Proponents of this system power draw attention to the fact that the first can want unhealthy food and the need to resist. The body will quickly get tired of such a diet and eating healthy food will become easier and more enjoyable. In addition, during a meal should not be distracted by extraneous things in order to feel satiety.

Love to your body

The body constantly gives signals about the urgent problems, but not all know how to recognize them. So, thanks to the intuitive power of man can understand what, when and in what quantities should be eaten. For this you need to love your body, to get rid of feelings of guilt in eating of bad product and to learn self-control. If one day you overeat, the body will suffer and will know about it nausea, abdominal pain and so forth. A conscious approach means avoiding such mistakes in the future for comfort of digestion.

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The benefits of intuitive eating

Как сбросить вес и оздоровиться без диет и запретов

Research suggests that, thanks to intuitive nutrition people have been significantly improved eating behavior. Almost disappeared the situations of loss of control over appetite and desire to eat junk food, overeating or malnutrition. The participants have been positive changes in the psychological state of accepting yourself, your body, a decrease in anxiety for the products. Some participants were able to lose weight. Several studies have also observed the struggle with depression, anxiety, increase self-esteem and overall well-being.

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