How to look slimmer with clothes

To look slimmer without dieting, and sport is not so difficult – you just have to know some rules for combining clothes.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

How to look slimmer – 7 proven female secrets. Hasn’t got rid of couple of extra pounds gathered over the holidays? Not a problem! Hide small figure flaws will help simple techniques, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, these tricks won’t make you in an instant slim and slender, but 1-2 pounds easily hide. This will increase your self-esteem, and you will cease to reproach myself for the fact that at night ate a lot of salad, dressed with high-calorie mayonnaise.

Well seasoned t-shirt

Tuck a t-shirt or shirt front, leaving the sides and back hang freely, the stomach will appear flatter. In the West, a way to carry belongings were taken from the students.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

The voluminous skirt

Full skirt helps to create the hourglass silhouette, which is very beneficial presents a female figure. By the way, this is one of the favorite tricks of the singer Adele.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

The correct jacket

It’s a real lifesaver. Jacket with broad shoulders in combination with skinny jeans makes the figure slimmer. The sleeve helps to visually “facilitate” hips.

Wear the jacket unbuttoned. This will create two vertical lines that will visually relieve you of a couple pounds.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

Long scarves and shawls

Enveloping the soft neck long scarf lengthens the silhouette. Choose plain scarves medium and large sizes with a large pattern.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

The black color really highlights what should be hidden! But the real colors of harmony – dark blue, coal gray, Burgundy and dark emerald. But you have to be “mourning”, dilute dark clothes with bright accessories.

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Welcome rockers

Tie a sweater or shirt around the hips. In the 90s this was a favorite technique of rockers today, such detail is called French chic. But most importantly – it helps to “pull” silhouette.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

Lucky colors and accessories

Focus on the top of the figure with a bright shawl, brooch, beautiful large earrings. Choose trousers and skirts plain, subdued colors and simple cut.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

Favorite size

Notb pullover 1-2 sizes larger. Particularly relevant (and also gives you the fragility) is a men’s sweater in combination with leggie.

Як виглядати стрункіше з допомогою одягу

Take note of these techniques and your slim figure will not go unnoticed.

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