How to know what vitamins are not enough: the advice of a nutritionist

Как узнать, каких витаминов не хватает: советы диетолога

It became known as to determine what vitamins your body is missing

The Ukrainians explained how to determine what the body lacks vitamins. This was told by the nutritionist Alena Yudina, reports Wave.

A deficiency of certain vitamins can be identified by such signs:

Vitamin A — appeared on the skin acne, the skin became dry, hard and cracked, dull hair, poor eyesight, there was a dry eyes disturbed sleep, often sick with respiratory infections;

Как узнать, каких витаминов не хватает: советы диетолога

Vitamin B1 — people become irritable, worsened appetite, the complexion became paler than usual, under the eyes appear regularly bags; tachycardia, confusion, swelling, tingling or burning in the hands and feet, poor concentration, mental fatigue and depression;

Vitamin B2 – if your hair is faded, the lips crack in the corners of the mouth, skin flakes, redness of eyes, sensitivity to light, eye fatigue, problems with digestion and a General feeling of fatigue;

Vitamin B3 — insomnia if you are having General weakness and lethargy, if you have frequent headaches, my skin had a greasy Shine;

Vitamin B6 — there are peeling lips and cracks in the corners of the mouth, swollen tongue, depression and confusion, irritability;

Vitamin B12 — fatigue, weakness, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, poor memory, depression, confusion, loss of appetite, weight loss;

Как узнать, каких витаминов не хватает: советы диетолога

Vitamin With (ascorbic acid) — if you get tired faster than normal, on the face small pimples, oily hair, irritability, fatigue, lethargy, swollen bleeding gums, long non-healing wounds, poor resistance to infections (influenza, SARS, herpes, pneumonia), loose and flabby skin, capillary fragility;

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Vitamin D — you feel the burning sensation in the mouth and throat, muscle weakness, began to exfoliate and break nails, there was pain in the bones;

Vitamin E — feel fatigue, become more distracted, have worse color and skin tone, appeared or became frequent pain in region of heart;

Vitamin K — bled of the gums, poorly healing wounds, if you experience nosebleeds.

It should be noted that the excess of vitamins and minerals in the body is as dangerous as deficiency. To find out how “things” with the vitamins in the body, you should seek the help of a specialist and to do the analysis on the content of vitamins and minerals.

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