How to keep your brain in shape: tips that will help you become smarter

Как держать мозг в тонусе: советы, которые помогут стать умнее

With age, our brain works not as fast as we would like, but can be kept in shape all his life and prevent illness in old age

If you want to with age, mental acuity is not reduced, keep your brain in good shape — regularly load his intellectual activity.

Well, when professional responsibilities include significant mental effort, constant focus, planning and the like. But perhaps you feel that you have to perform too much routine work and your brain is loaded not as active as I would like.

In this case — listen to a lot of quality music, learn other languages, tirelessly explore and learn something new. Scientists say that the constant educational activity stimulates neuroplasticity — ability of neurons to create new connections, improve brain function.

Как держать мозг в тонусе: советы, которые помогут стать умнее


Any physical activity stimulates mental activity. During exercise increases the heart rate, increases blood flow and with it oxygen to the brain. Releases hormones that control stress levels and stimulate the growth of new cells and connections between neurons.

So don’t be lazy and find time to regularly visit the gym or do complex exercises. Even short (at least half an hour) daily walk at a quick pace is helpful to maintain the brain works.


Proper nutrition helps to maintain the body in good shape. Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, limiting fats of animal origin, varied diet, more natural foods, 4-5 meals in small portions.

Healthy diet in your blood vessels will not be delayed atherosclerotic plaque. It ensures normal blood circulation and proper oxygen supply to the brain, and significantly reduces the risk of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases — particularly Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease.

To maintain mental activity, scientists are advised to eat foods rich in fatty acids omega-3, vitamin D, b vitamins So, include in the diet more fatty fish varieties, berries, nuts, all types of cabbage, leafy vegetables.

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Active people visit theaters, museums and exhibitions, going to public meetings, meeting with friends and relatives, volunteer. According to scientists, this style of behavior makes people smarter.

Как держать мозг в тонусе: советы, которые помогут стать умнее

Social interaction is a wonderful stimulant for the brain. Often meet friends, be engaged in socially useful work, participate in charitable events — all this will help to maintain mental faculties on par.

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