How to keep a loved one Zodiac sign

Remember that the temperament of the representatives of one and the same constellation can vary, because the behaviour of one may be based on selfishness and the other trust and partnership.

Як утримати кохану людину за знаком Зодіаку

To keep a loved one and does not give the collapse of family relationships. To do this is to use astrological love spell that will help signs of the Zodiac to cope with a hard situation, informs Rus.Media.

Astrological love spell is not created by magicians and not contains rituals and incantations for the restoration of love. This is a set of rules that characterize men by Zodiac sign. Such recommendations would help to better understand the characteristics of your partner and become a practical guide for improving your relationship.


Men of this sign can make the decision on rupture of relations, when their life becomes routine. Impulsivity does not allow the rams to stay in one place, and the difficulties and obstacles for them is vital. They serve as a proof of their viability and relevance for the partner.

If your husband is in a rage attempted to end the relationship, give him time to cool down and only then find out the causes of such behavior. In this kind of solution could be a share of your guilt. You unknowingly can keep active and restless of the RAM, and brake his speed and his slowness and deliberation.

Aries is impulsive and independent, but at heart are often vulnerable and humble people who need support in their endeavors.

Don’t allow your relationship came to such a situation. For this you should pay attention to the following:

  • learn to be a little faster;
  • solve problems together in plain text and ask for help – veiled requests and resentment that you do not understand, is your omission;
  • don’t let the initiative of Aries – if he got carried away some business, you find it easier to support him, otherwise your relationship will be strained;
  • try not to pry information from him. All male Aries sees fit, he will say, and leave the rest in his discretion;
  • learn how to respond quickly to a situation and in a short time to mobilize – Aries often take spontaneous decisions, for example, shopping or travel;
  • allow your partner to do what you love without moralizing type “useless”, “waste of time”;
  • keep your mate and your mutual feelings will sparkle with bright colors.


The representatives of this Zodiac Sign can long endure family problems and silently bear the insult and innuendo. However, as soon as the Cup of patience overflows, Taurus can break the relationship and walk away forever.

In family relationships man looking for tranquility, comfort and established way of life, confidence in the future. Meet the woman who is able to share his worldview, Taurus becomes a devoted family man, appreciate the care of themselves. Remember that this type of men often justifies the proverb: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Including Taurus appreciates a partner compatible with him in intimate terms.

If your relationship became strained, you need to take the following measures:

  • respect his personal effects;
  • limit your spending and don’t waste all the money your husband;
  • he did not specify the correct action. Taurus is very stubborn, and they have their own perspective on the performance of certain Affairs;
  • let him fully relax and sometimes lazy;
  • don’t let his rare meetings with friends;
  • use cooking as a powerful weapon.


The man-Twin is not worth the pressure. Your nitpicking and dissatisfaction will rise first coldness, then you will simply be ignored. This type of people appreciates interesting people, so instead of the next lecture you have to learn how to maintain an interesting conversation, in which you’ll be able to talk about their plans and ask for help.

If your husband announced that he intends to leave you, you should not expect instant action on his part. Between word and deed may take a long period of time.

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At this moment you should take care to retain their partner and to correct earlier mistakes:

  • give her husband more freedom of action;
  • don’t let him communicate with a wide circle of acquaintances and like-minded people;
  • become his best companion, sensitive to his jokes, personal opinions, keep them talking;
  • do not “saw” your partner in detail;
  • learn to be not only a wife but also a friend – Gemini really appreciate someone who takes part in their adventures, pranks, and strongly supports their innocuous beginnings.


Before breaking up with you, man with Cancer can silently collect your things and go out of your life. The second line of conduct could involve long preparatory stage: your partner will be nervous and the last to postpone a difficult conversation. Cancerians are very sensitive, and the breakup is for them a serious injury.

At this point, they often begin to remember the happy moments of life together and can even ask to start a relationship again.

In this case, you have every chance to hold your beloved, if you are to forgive him:

  • give him more emotion, sympathy, praise, strongly encourage your partner affectionate words;
  • tell him about your plans, where you intend to go, what time to come back Cancerians are very appreciate the sentiment, thinking that you care about his emotions and not give a worry about you;
  • indulge his delicious and don’t forget to say that this dish is cooked especially for him;
  • appreciate his personal belongings;
  • try to establish contact with his parents – Cancers really appreciate the warm family relationships and gatherings.


Lions are true to their partners and will announce the cause of the breakup, not once. If you do not make attempts to renew the relationship, your partner has gradually but certainly disappear from your life.

Often the Lions are prone to selfishness and appreciate comfort above all else. Don’t be surprised if, after your disorder, he will start to look for “alternate airfield”. However, Lions do not tend to abuse and cavils, so after separation it can maintain warm friendships and not just friendships.

To keep the temperamental Lion, you can:

  • answer your husband to look your best, maintain your image, use beautiful clothes;
  • maintain his Outlook on life;
  • do not forget to praise the Lion, marking his best quality, missed his ability to present himself, his acting talent;
  • transform your intimate life into a memorable process. Lions are pretty outrageous and I love the luxury and panache around;
  • do not pay attention to his flirting is a lion just need to bathe in the attention, and this does not mean that he needs a new partner. Thus, the male lion is asserting itself and raises their self-esteem.


Virgo appreciate honest and decent people. They are not able to endure what does not suit them, and will Express their dissatisfaction. The logic of this sign of Zodiac iron, but the weak point is the sense of duty, which you can use to restore the old feelings. Man-Virgo likes to give instructions and to read morality, so this behavior should alert you and act as a signal for decisive action.

To keep the virgin is sometimes very difficult, but if you are sure, then act immediately:

  • learn how to restore order. All things must lie in strictly certain places and have to go back to its rightful place after use;
  • maintain cleanliness at home and in the appearance;
  • consider the wishes of your partner in food – do not feed him what he likes and don’t try to get him to eat is not tasty, in his opinion, food;
  • learn to be punctual and do not tell me right and left about your personal life;
  • learn to save and keep in mind the daily routine of your partner;
  • pay close attention to his feelings and do not allow reason to be jealous.
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A man, born under the auspices of this Sign, will not make a scene, to get into an argument and accuse you of anything. If he feels that your attitude towards him has changed, he can easily disconnect and will quickly find a replacement.

He would prefer a diplomatic conversation, and give you the bare facts without unnecessary emotions. Libra do not like to burden themselves with domestic problems and will not tolerate your remarks on this occasion. Such people should not expect a critical situation.

Easier in advance to take precautions and follow the following rules:

  • avoid forcing him to participate in everyday problems – easier to ask him to hire a competent technician to fix the problem;
  • keep in mind that Libra likes to look at pretty girls, and you can support him, carried away by the sense of taste and style of your partner;
  • be for him a welcome and beautiful, take care of themselves and adhere to its standards of beauty and style. If you are a model, use cunning and be cute and original.


Scorpios love power and dominate the relationship. They have a difficult character to adapt which can be difficult. They are able to break up with you and leave with her head held high, taking only their hygiene.

However, some representatives of the Sign can pick up all the jointly acquired property. In order to prevent the break, you will have to go to the trick.

Scorpios love to solve problems, so you can join with him, for example, against your common enemies. Also hold the typical men help violent intimate relationships. It is not necessary to give a man the Scorpio a reason to be jealous – they are terrible owners and is able to organize a large-scale scandal.

If you are sure you want to spend with this person your whole life, wait for the passions is not:

  • tune in to a relationship of trust, exclusive secrets;
  • confirm the words and actions of its commitment;
  • don’t try to crush his morals – then Scorpio will surpass you;
  • not saying hints, you can put your requests in the most comprehensible way;
  • pay much attention to intimate life and make it a variety.


Men Archers similar to discoverers. They like to learn something new, to open your talents and abilities. However, if he considers your relationship – read book, the breakup is practically inevitable.

For Sagittarius it is important to feel free, and if you extremely limit with him, then your relationship will be under question. Parting from men of this Sign usually is pathetic, but without much shocking.

To restore the relationship after a break up is almost impossible, because the Archers have a perfect memory. They’ll never go back to a comfortable relationship, but not against to be friends or buddies.

To hold a lover of new discoveries is before he decided on an important step:

  • maintain interesting conversations with your partner or create the illusion of interest;
  • try to take his passion and your pastime will be one more knot in your relationship;
  • don’t undermine his authority and try to support him in the eyes of others;
  • act directly, don’t try to be someone you are not is actually;
  • pay attention to the intimate life – Sagittarians love to praise and dominance in the relationship.


Capricorn – bossy people who have used to achieve their goals.

Their family life for women with a fiery temper is hardly suitable. Men of this Sign often continue relationships and family life, without feeling the old feelings.

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However, a strong offense can provoke immediate rupture.

Capricorns frequently go without explanation, have no connection with and will forever remember caused him pain and suffering. Life with such a man implies obedience.

If you agree with the dominance in the family, you should do the following:

  • support her man in all endeavors, be it support in career growth;
  • enjoy economical farming and to create a “safety cushion” for a rainy day;
  • respect his personal space, allow Capricorn to be alone with your thoughts;
  • don’t speak in hints;
  • turn your home into a cozy family nest, and do not make of him a thoroughfare for friends and relatives;
  • push against it with his temperament and do not share details of his personal life to anyone but a narrow circle of friends. In this case, your husband needs to be aware of everything that happens.


Aquarius appreciates their own space and Hobbies. If you don’t give him the opportunity to devote themselves to the favorite business, it is likely that your relationship will end in a breakup. A spontaneous decision comes to this type of men like insight, and he will not stay near you.

For such people it is important to create a comfortable environment, a wide circle of friends.

Keep a man of this Zodiac Sign is difficult, because often after a break it did not upset by what happened and are capable of long time to forget about the incident.

Love of Aquarius depends on the following factors:

  • stop trying to limit his freedom, don’t try to drive it into the framework of their understanding of family life;
  • trust your partner and don’t keep secrets from him;
  • the impetus for harmonious relations to serve common interests, so you have to love something that “burns” your husband;
  • do not limit yourself with him relations of spouses. Become for him and other Aquarians appreciate trusting relations which did not provide for showdown;
  • eliminate criticism in its address, as well as increase his social status.


A man who protects the constellation of Pisces, is prone to idealization. He is able to adore your beloved and see only positive qualities.

However, it often happens that he falls in love with an invented way and can’t admit that living a double life.

This type of men is easily influenced, which can become a great disadvantage in family life. Often these people can be interested in something mysterious and incomprehensible.

They are prone to lengthy reflections on topics that concern them and need to support their interests. We can say that the behavior of the men of this Sign depends on which of the women will be able to take the situation into their own hands and to become a leader in his eyes.

With such a man you will have to show more courage and determination:

  • assume management and control over the development of your relationship, but show warm feelings to your darling and reveal its significance;
  • dedicate his Hobbies, not looking up, however, from the realities of life;
  • do not disturb his peace and privacy. Create him a comfortable environment, and it is better to select some place where nothing will distract your loved one;
  • don’t try to make it act faster is selected for Fish, the rhythm of life is like the ritual, and they are unlikely to change something in their usual routine.

Here are the main characteristics of each Zodiac Sign and the approximate maintenance of a love relationship. Remember that the temperament of the representatives of one and the same constellation can vary, because the behaviour of one may be based on selfishness and the other trust and partnership.

You should remember one thing: the attention to detail and a desire to live a long life together always involves dialogue and the capacity to make concessions.

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