How to improve your thyroid the doctors called natural ways

Как улучшить состояние щитовидной железы врачи назвали естественные способы

Thyroid disease has become so widespread that it has risen in one number with diabetes and cancer

Problems with the thyroid gland affect the functioning of the human body, but sometimes we don’t even know about the violations in its work.

Doctors and nutritionists have proven that everybody needs to follow some rules in the diet, which will help its normal functioning.

Как улучшить состояние щитовидной железы врачи назвали естественные способы

It is known that only five natural ingredients to support not only thyroid but also the adrenal glands. You first need to take drugs on the basis of ashvagandha is a perennial shrub, medicinal properties which are known worldwide. It should be noted that the official medicine does not use it, but in Indian Ayurveda its distribution is quite wide.

Another important stimulant for the thyroid gland is selenium. Selenium for the thyroid gland is one of the main substances for the normal functioning of the body. Its deficiency affects the thyroid. And leads to huge health problems. Therefore, you must consume foods rich in this beneficial substance and also preparations of this trace element. This will help to avoid many diseases. In the night you need to 70 mcg of selenium. However, despite the fact that it is a small amount, selenium is very important for the body. He is a member of various substances that support normal functioning of the organs of tuna, chicken, nuts, spinach.

If you note in his fatigue in the presence of thyroid disease, then pay attention to thiamine — vitamin B1. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is essential for production of thyroid hormone. It is also necessary for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, breathing cells. Vitamin B6 — without it production of thyroid hormones falls. The thyroid hormone is necessary for synthesis of vitamin B12.

Also useful would be the use of the decoction of tormentil, gorse dyeing and other iodine-containing herbs and plants, they will help to balance the work of the gland.

At first glance, thyroid disease seem frivolous and safe. This is not atherosclerosis and diabetes insipidus. However, even without a big goiter, without inflammation or cancer of the thyroid gland can bring a lot of trouble, for example, hypothyroidism.

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Как улучшить состояние щитовидной железы врачи назвали естественные способы

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