How to improve your health this month: 10 daily habits

Как улучшить свое здоровье за месяц: 10 ежедневных привычек

Every modern girl should have a few tricks to always be in shape and look fresh

Add to your pace of life a few of these rules so just over a month to feel like a completely different person, writes Сlutch.

1. Go to bed before midnight

Doctors say that go to bed before the clock strikes midnight, you just need. Why? The fact that lack of sleep affects not only the health and activity throughout the day, but can seriously “damage” the appearance.

2. Cleanse and wet the skin every day

To go to bed with makeup should be your bad dream. This habit causes irreparable harm to the skin. Even if you don’t wear makeup, wash your face with cleanser and apply cream in the morning and before bed.

Как улучшить свое здоровье за месяц: 10 ежедневных привычек

3. Think before you eat something

With age the body becomes less plastic, so to gain weight as never before. To avoid such “trouble” is not necessarily to sit on a hard diet and restrict yourself in everything. It will be enough that you will minimize the use of harmful products and start to analyze everything that gets in your stomach.

4. Hour a day outdoors

We understand that in today’s world to carve out an hour for a walk – the most important task. But, do not forget that the lack of oxygen gives rise to many health problems. Falling levels of concentration and brain activity, sleep problems. One hour a day in the fresh air and active ventilation will help to avoid these problems.

5. Sports 20 minutes a day

You’re a real sports fan? It’s perfect! But, if the sport in your life, not even smell, it’s time to start right now. Simple complex muscle strengthening or stretching will keep the body toned and strengthen your inner core.

Как улучшить свое здоровье за месяц: 10 ежедневных привычек

6. Reduce the use of the smartphone

Before you enthusiastically turning the tape Instagram, your life is passing you by. Doctors say that almost 90% of abusers gadgets people suffer from vision problems. Another like self or health? The choice is yours.

7. Eat vegetables at least three times a day

With the onset of winter, the body needs more vitamins. In the “winter” vegetables contains high amount of fiber and minerals that promote healthy digestion.

8. Prepare rationally

Here special skills of the chef is not required. Simply boil more of the broth to freeze, spread the food sudochki, to make it easier to take with you to work and never skip meals. In the fall, don’t forget to freeze berries and vegetables, instead of buying harmful jam. I assure you, rational cooking – a great savings of personal time that can be spent on a walk or exercise.

9. Do not skip Breakfast

A hearty Breakfast is the key to a successful day. Do not neglect this meal, because it starts the body and provides activity throughout the day.

10. Water is the elixir of health

If you take it a rule to start the day with a glass of water, then your body will not leave you without gratitude.

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