How to hold your youth for a long time: five habits that does not tolerate old age

Как задержать молодость надолго: пять привычек, которые не терпит старость

If you take care of yourself, watch your health, in your life will not be old age or disease

Everyone wants to stay young, beautiful and healthy. This is possible if you follow certain rules, which will help in saving youth.

Move more. No need to postpone the need to exercise right now. It is important to start attending a gym, fitness classes or have them right at home. Now there are plenty of video tutorials, guides, how to achieve a particular effect with the help of physical exercises. Also, remember that overweight people look much older than their age, so why not start to move towards not only harmony, but also eternal youth.

Как задержать молодость надолго: пять привычек, которые не терпит старость

You should also give up on the possibility of the use of transport. More Hiking, too, will benefit. Certainly it is much more efficient than the absence of movement in life in principle. You can give up the Elevator, walk to the desired floor is a great cardiocranius.

Eat a healthy diet. Through the actions and advice of nutritionists proper diet finally finds true value. Healthy food means food that is full of all necessary for the body components, vitamins, micro and macro. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meat, fish, seafood, milk and dairy products.

But from starchy foods, sweets, sugar, fizzy drinks, store juices in Tetrapak should be abandoned. This approach to nutrition will allow you to avoid most of the problems people face in old age, including diabetes.

Meditate. As argued by loyal fan of meditation David Lynch, the more your life meditation, the more one becomes oneself. It really works and can give eternal youth. Quite a short meditation to bring order not only the mind but also the body. So take the simple secret himself on Board.

Check health. Regular conduction of various tests and screenings will allow us to learn about their illnesses and, consequently, to treat them in time. Take the trouble and find a reliable family doctor who will take your health.

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Как задержать молодость надолго: пять привычек, которые не терпит старость

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