How to get rid of thick calves without training

Как избавиться от толстых икр без тренировок

Many girls and women dream about beautiful slim body, recorded in the gym, shake my buttocks and twist hoops

But few people know that caviar is an important part of the female body, the care which will only make girls more slender.

Caviar – the problem area. They need to work if they are thin or thick. There is also a problem when calves become too muscular.

There are several important factors that affect the beauty, health and, in particular, to the completeness of the calf muscles.

Как избавиться от толстых икр без тренировок

Workout. Not worth to download calves in the gym, as muscles grow under the fat. It is better to do aerobic load, such as a jumping rope. You should also include stretching in your exercises – it may be Pilates, and stretching or yoga. Hiking at any pace will only improve the appearance of calves.

Food. To move weight loss calf off the ground, it is necessary not only to change the approach to training, but also to take care of your diet. Of course, there is no special diet which will help to get rid of excess fat specifically in the lower leg. You just need to balance your diet is to remove “junk” foods, add more fresh vegetables, greens and fruits, don’t overeat. Caviar will become noticeably slimmer when the body will be reconstructed on another diet and start losing weight.

Shoes. Should refuse to uncomfortable shoes. It includes high heels, platform, greatly tightening the shoes with laces and buckles, not the right size. This way you can avoid blood circulation problems and swelling in the lower extremities.

Massage. For this you can consult a specialist or to arrange a session at home. Enough at the end of the working day to put on your palm a few drops of essential oils and relaxing massage movements to walk on the calves. Swimming also acts as a good “massager” and a way to relieve fatigue in the legs.

The position of the body. If you constantly pick up his feet under him, or to put the foot on the leg, the leg will swell. We need to allow the feet to feel free, to calves were not massive.

Как избавиться от толстых икр без тренировок

To lose weight, not by eating a healthy diet, you need to follow these rules:

1. To control the intake of sweet and starchy foods;
2. Half an hour before meals drink a glass of warm water. Thus, the water will trigger the stomach and will fill part of its volume;
3. For Breakfast, you should eat whole-grain cereal with added fruit and honey;
4. Lunch should be nutritious: meat, vegetables, salads, cereals, soups;
5. Dinner should be easy: baked fish, boiled meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese;
6. Fatty meats and fish replace lean. For example, beef or chicken. Boil and bake the meat, roasted, you can afford only occasionally;
7. Buy fat free: milk, yogurt and cheese;
8. Crackers, chips, aerated waters, cured meats, alcoholic beverages, ketchup and sauces – eliminate from your diet.


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Before starting any diet, you need to obtain the consent of the doctors.

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