How to get rid of negative thoughts: psychologist’s advice

Как избавиться от отрицательных мыслей:  советы психолога

What to do, so as not to crush self-criticism

Each is familiar with the situation when you want to blame yourself… How to help yourself through the situation of rejection, whether in your personal life, at work or in everyday situations? One of the consequences of rejecting is self-criticism.

What to do with the self-deprecating thoughts and self-incrimination:

1. Write down your negative or self-deprecating thoughts about rejection.

2. Formulate objections, counterarguments for each negative thought.

3. As soon as you decide again to “whack” another self-critical thought, give a counterargument to it, say it confidently and clearly.

Как избавиться от отрицательных мыслей:  советы психолога

Examples of denials of a love breakup

Basic: You quit or didn’t reciprocate, NOT because You’re a bad man with a bad temper who made a mistake. There are other reasons:

— Fault in the absence of attraction, “chemistry” does not happen

Expartner prefers a different type of appearance

— He had the chance to return to his former

Are you having a different life-style

— You too good for him, do not drink, do not smoke, do not swear obscenities

— Your professional success casts a shadow on his failed career

— You are an officer, and his best friend was doing something illegal

— He’s afraid of commitment, and disconnects, when it seems that they went “too far”

— He has low self esteem. And so it is strange to be loved by You. He concludes that with You something is wrong. After all, no one can not love.

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— A different attitude to the current relationship. One of you wants to walk some more, and someone who wants family and children.

— Preference to a different pace of development of a romantic relationship. Someone over “a slow fire burning longer,” and someone wants “all at once”

— You have recently left partner, and the failed new boyfriend was rejected by her former partner.

Examples of denials for situations at work

Main: it’s not Your blunders, errors, and special requirements of the employer

— Some jobs need to be published, although they will still fill their staff

— Need a specialist with a specific set of skills or qualifications

Some companies are required to consider several candidates, even if you have found a suitable

— Sometimes employers reject candidates because he had a negative experience with graduates of the same Universities or employees of their former companies.

Как избавиться от отрицательных мыслей:  советы психолога

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