How to get rid of double chin: tips, no-cost

Как избавиться от второго подбородка: советы, не требующие затрат

To remove the second chin is possible without visiting beauty salons and not spends a lot of money

This flaw is externally aesthetic defect and does not carry any bad qualities. The most common causes of the appearance of “double chin” are age-related changes, or excess weight.

A second chin can appear at a young age, if you have this predisposition, inherited. Bad posture, constant sedentary lifestyle, soft, high cushion, and severe weight loss can also causes of its occurrence.

Как избавиться от второго подбородка: советы, не требующие затрат

Before you begin work, you need to remember that this is not an easy task and quick result you will not achieve, and after achieving the goal you have constantly to support it.

If the cause of was weight, then to get rid of double chin you need to gradually start losing weight. Due to the slow weight loss skin will not SAG, but rather stretch over the new shape of the face.

Be sure to watch your posture, try to keep walking and sit with a straight back and neck. It will be a little difficult in the initial stages, but after a couple weeks you get used to it.

In addition, if you are the owner of high soft cushions, try to change it to low and stiff or even replace the roller. This will help to remove not only the chin but also to get rid of wrinkles.

A good way to deal with the second chin are cold compresses. To make the compress, you need to take a small towel folded along the length, then moisten it with water and wring out. Now take the towel from both ends and Pat them on the chin.

If you do 3 sets of 10 times every day for weeks, you can already see the first results. After you’re all done, rinse the chin in cold water and then apply any mask for sagging or aging skin.

Как избавиться от второго подбородка: советы, не требующие затрат

You can also do special exercises to remove double chin. To do this, the tip of the tongue moving from the base of the upper teeth to the inside of the larynx, the tip of the tongue needs to glide in the air inside, while the mouth must be close.

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