How to forget about herpes and all medical advice

Как забыть о герпесе навсегда: советы медиков

Herpes, like any other disease is easier to prevent than to cure

The tips outlined below will help to get rid of the disease in a very short time.

1. First and foremost, at the first sign of illness, you need to take care of your nutrition. At this time you need to choose the food that strengthens the immune system. Food should be rich in vitamins a,E And C. At the first symptoms of the disease it is advisable to use products containing zinc. It is enough to pumpkin seeds, olive oil, seafood.

Как забыть о герпесе навсегда: советы медиков

2. At this time is to limit the use of alcohol, cigarettes, which weaken the body.

3. As practice shows, herpes most often appears when overcooling or overheating. People who are susceptible to the disease, it is important to remember that a long stay in the cold or in the sun can trigger cold sores.

4. The immune system contributes to the sedentary way of life. Physical exercise strengthens the body. It is a limiting factor in the occurrence of herpes.

5. Instead of tea or coffee is better to drink herbal teas of thyme, mint, St. John’s wort and other herbs. Herbal medicine can be an excellent preventive tool that prevents the rash.

6. In the period of acute need to take care of your diet. This recommendation is particularly relevant for those who recently completed a course of antibiotics. Many people know that these drugs kill not only pathogens but also beneficial bacteria. This category of patients are advised to eat yogurt, sour cream, yogurt.

7. For prevention of rashes, you can use the bee products. It can be not only honey, but Royal jelly and pollen.

8. Periodically, you need to massage, self-massage and other treatments that promote overall health of the body.

9. With the appearance of rashes on the lips, you can use aromatherapy as a sedative and strengthens the immune system means.

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If the above means fail, you can buy in a drugstore vitamins such as Vitamin E, Immunal, and he needs therapy with valtrex. Should systematically in twelve hours.

The hearth, which appeared on the lips can be moistened with chamomile tea. Chamomile is an excellent way to eliminate bacteria, and has a calming effect.

Как забыть о герпесе навсегда: советы медиков

To eliminate the bubbles by freezing. To do this, take the ice and wrap it in a sterile cloth. Keep a cold compress should be as long as possible. Sometimes you need to pause in order to avoid hypothermia.

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