How to earn stars “Beverly hills” for a new series: the said amount

Сколько заработают звезды «Беверли Хиллз» за новые серии: названы суммы

A favorite around the world a teen soap of the 90s returns

The series “Beverly hills 90210” with their favorite actors again will be released.

Many fans are very interested in the fees of the actors who agreed to star in the sequel to the cult series. It is noted that they earn a decent amount, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

Сколько заработают звезды «Беверли Хиллз» за новые серии: названы суммы

So, at the expense of the main actors in one episode will “drip” for 70 thousand dollars.

It is planned to remove six series, therefore, actors will be richer for 420 thousand dollars. However, almost half a million actors are not only for shooting but also for new ideas in the plot of the film.

To participate in the filming finally agreed tori spelling and Jennie Garth. They will be paid an additional 15 thousand dollars.

But actor Jason Priestley’s work further 46 thousand dollars for something that took part in the directing of the picture.

As we wrote earlier, the stars of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” have been advertising the new series at different events.

At the moment there is an active campaign to continue. Now the stars appear together at various events. In one of the outputs 46-year-old tori spelling, who played the role of Donna, appeared together with a colleague — 47-year-old Jennie Garth — Kelly.

First choose an outfit from Dolce & Gabbana yellow dress with a print of sunflowers. The waist of the actress stressed the belt from Chanel. It is worth noting that the opinion was drawn open neckline.

Image Snelling completed a pair of heels, a wide bracelet with logo Chanel and a choker. Makeup tori — Golden shadow on the eyelids, and the hair — long curls.

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Сколько заработают звезды «Беверли Хиллз» за новые серии: названы суммы

Colleague Jennie Garth appeared before the cameras in a slender jacket of fuchsia, under which wearing tights in a grid. Complementary image of yellow pumps. It is decorated with interesting earrings and intense eye makeup.

It is worth noting that some have noticed — both of the actress has changed a lot. There were those who criticized the outfits of the Actresses and their appearance, and also noticed that due to plastics both Actresses are unrecognizable.

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