How to draw hands: step by step instructions

Step-by-step cheat sheet for fall 2018.

Як малювати стрілки: покрокова інструкція

Eye makeup is a science that starts with the application basics and ends with selecting the perfect mascara. Today we decided to reveal all the secrets of the smooth shooter. Ready to remember?

Trends change with every season. To replace one shades and textures – come are very different. Double arrow, which was one of the most popular trends of summer change their color to a darker one. Shiny metallic colors to help diversify your makeup. Combine and “play” with colors and textures. For example, a clear arrow with double brilliant tip, informs Rus.Media.

How to learn to draw straight arrow? Step-by-step cheat sheet will come to the rescue.

Control lighting

Good makeup starts with the right lighting. Have you noticed that some girls are very sensitive to where there will be a dressing table with cosmetics. In order to draw a straight arrow, you need to notice all the details.

Use the framework and define beauty tool

The Foundation or base degreases the eyelid and helps cosmetic products better to lie down and do not roll down during the day. This is the first preparatory step to applying eyeliner or pencil. Select a tool with which you will be comfortable. Start with the Smokey arrows. To do this, choose a soft eyeliner kajal or normal shadows.

Як малювати стрілки: покрокова інструкція

Which draw the arrows?

Then it all depends on what type of shooter we chose. How to do it? Trends talks, not all. If you have narrow eyes, your job is to make them wider – “open view”. Best cope with this arrow from the middle of the eye. No need to rush too dark. Put a dot in the part where the line will start and drive to the side. Control the width yourself. Add brightness by using the double tail. The technology is the same!

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Angled brush will help to draw smoky hands.

Second option: start the arrow from the outer corner of the eye and gradually expand closer to the inner. Do not forget to paint the empty spaces. You can draw lines in two layers. This will facilitate the task.

Як малювати стрілки: покрокова інструкція

Chose your arrow type?

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