How to deal with dust and not to harm health

Как правильно бороться с пылью и не навредить здоровью

We all know that dust is harmful, but excessive hygiene is also not useful

The influence of dust on the human body can be neutral, but it happens that it is sharply negative impact, affecting various organs and systems. How to prevent the latter to correctly deal with small particles.

It can be argued that breathing dust is still possible regardless of the frequency of the cleanups held in the apartment or house. Cleanliness or sterility literally causes more bacteria and the emergence of a new dust. Cleaning is important and necessary for a normal life, but to strive to create sterility is not necessary — it can adversely affect health.

Как правильно бороться с пылью и не навредить здоровью

Strong and uncontrolled passion hygiene is one of the reasons for the emergence of a large growth among allergic diseases around the world. Especially a problem for young children, their body is not accustomed to strong dust. In cases where the human body does not come into contact with substances and organisms which try to control the functioning of the immune system, the immune system soon finds new enemies and begins to actively fight against them.

Therefore, you should not try to completely get rid of dust or zastavlyaya baby to wash hands every ten minutes. The rules of hygiene can help in the development of different disease at the time of their prosperity. At night a person inhales up to 50 mg of dust for a healthy respiratory system should easily cope with their migration.

The highest concentration of dust in air from outside, and the air is indoors, it may not be updated and development of bacteria it is much faster. If you experience excessive dust concentration people often are in these areas begin to suffer from allergies. To provoke the development of particles of mold can high humidity. Mold quickly penetrates into the human respiratory tract and can lead to the development of various diseases.

The main way to deal with dust after collection is the rejection of things that collect the dust. These include large plush toys, books, paper and details of the interior consisting of large parts. Need to come up with different ways of avoiding their use — or to wash and clean toys weekly, or refuse their presence in the room. Books can be folded into separate compartments, and the paper is high time to migrate to electronic form. Wet cleaning experts recommend doing it several times a week. Dust copes steam cleaner.

Как правильно бороться с пылью и не навредить здоровью

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