How to clear the country from trash: an example that stands to inherit the Ukraine

Как очистить страну от мусора: пример, который стоит наследовать Украине

In Sweden over the garbage and the authorities are prepared to import it for disposal in other countries

This news may be the envy of every country, but it is worth considering that the Swedes achieved this the hard way. The authorities have conducted ongoing outreach and so has achieved a high level of consciousness of the population.

Most of the residents of the state know that discarded plastic can make a new one seven times. And right after that he would go to the power plant for burning. So recycled seven times the plastic will still benefit in the form of electricity.

Every family has 6 or 7 buckets for different garbage — plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, metal and other. Another bucket is designed for wastes that cannot be recycled. Even a small child in Stockholm will not throw the wrapper on the candy in the wrong container. In kindergartens and schools taught to sort waste correctly, and for the wrong sort in the country fine.

Как очистить страну от мусора: пример, который стоит наследовать Украине

Large items such as TVs, sofas, building materials are brought by the special station. There they are dismantled for valuable parts, which are buying up producers of goods. So they get ready to launch into a new cycle of production of raw materials. There’s also separate from objects paints, acids and other hazardous substances that fall later on a special plant for processing of household chemicals. By the way, these stations are in Sweden, absolutely free.

In Sweden recently introduced a new procedure demolition of buildings, which is called “deconstruction”. For example, during the demolition of the old building the machine “bite” the pieces of the walls and taking them on a special station, where after processing they will again be building materials. So the old building will become new.

For cans and plastic bottles you can get money. To do this, they just need to hand over in points of reception. In Sweden, as in all the countries of Europe, you can take the bottle in a special machine, which will thank you with money. Expired drugs in Sweden, too, is not emitted, and shall be to the pharmacy. There you can check the used syringes and needles.

Transportation of waste in the country is carried out by means of underground duct which was launched in 1961. Most of this garbage is under the ground, and the inhabitants of the country are seeing only the tip.

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Как очистить страну от мусора: пример, который стоит наследовать Украине

The lack of waste in Sweden is so far the only problem associated with waste. Only 7% of total waste is sent to landfill and everything else is either burned or recycled. So thanks to one only wastes the Stockholm electricity by 45%. The shortage of waste can become a big problem for the population, because the Swedes by processing the heated housing and get electricity. But neighboring Norway has expressed willingness to help Sweden and delivers 800 thousand tons of garbage every year.

The Swedes came up with is not only how to reduce the number of landfills in the country, but also how to make the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during processing was minimal. Thanks to the latest technologies that are used in the processing in incineration plants, emissions in the atmosphere are not greater than 1%.

We will remind, in Lviv again garbage crisis.

As he wrote Politeka, foreigners pollute the environment in the Lviv region.

Politeka previously reported, garbage collapse in the city, “Signed a Memorandum”