How to cleanse the body for a week: we need a total of seven products

Как очистить организм за неделю: нужны всего семь продуктов

Do not have to spend money for medicines, to ensure that the body cleanse and heal it

Our body, to feel good, from time to time need cleaning.

And to cleanse the body, it is not necessary to go to special procedures or to take medications – it is enough to include in your diet some foods.


Young onion promotes the absorption of nutrients and improves digestion. Furthermore, this product has antimicrobial and antitumor properties.

Как очистить организм за неделю: нужны всего семь продуктов

Nutritionists advise to include onions in your daily diet that the body did not accumulate harmful substances.


Young beets helps the liver remove toxins from the body and maintains its health.

Interestingly, scientists have proven and anti-aging properties of the product: if you don’t want early aging, requires 4 times a week to eat raw beets (you can drink the juice).

Olive oil

Olive oil not only nourishes the body with vitamin E and fatty acids, but also reduces cholesterol.

Olive oil paired with fruit juices is very beneficial for gallbladder.


Fiber a regular, white cabbage excrete all the toxins and reduce cellulite.

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To forget about the “orange peel”, it is necessary to have daily fresh salad.


Apples due to its unique composition helps to cleanse the entire body.

Interestingly, pectin – based Apple, not just removes toxins and normalizes metabolism but also cleanses the body of harmful metals and food additives.

Как очистить организм за неделю: нужны всего семь продуктов

Important: including the above foods in their daily diet, and after 7 days you will notice real changes.

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