How to choose healthy foods.

How to choose healthy foods.

Як правильно підбирати корисні продукти.

Fridge filled with the right foods, can lead you to more slender and healthier path. We have prepared expert tips on nutrition that you need to buy, how to store and how to create a healthy eating plan this fall, informs UkrMedia.

Perform General cleaning

Inventory everything you have in your fridge, and start your own evaluation of products, throwing out those that have ended or about to expire. “Throw away the sauces, dressings, condiments and spices,” recommends Ann Mathews, assistant Professor of the Department of food Science and human nutrition from the University of Florida. It also offers to clean up your fridge. “In any fridge can contain a huge amount of food that you want to view, and just throw it away. Adjust your refrigerator, taking into account everything that is inside him.

Stock up on greens

Heart healthy refrigerator, you can stock up on vegetables, so a great choice that needs to be always at hand will be the green variety. “But most people somehow only choose spinach or Romaine lettuce,” says Dr. Matthews, in which you can add other greens. Take Swiss chard, Bok Choy and arugula and add to your usual mix. “Buy washed greens to save some time or wash immediately, and put into containers or packages, just came back from the store,” – continues to tell Matthews. Then the doctor says about such useful salad dressing, like walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruits or cheeses that will add texture, flavor and nutrients in your salads.

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Buy a variety of yogurts

Doctor Mathews says that the new flavors and variety of yogurt, which contain low sugar and are rich in protein, can help you not to feel hunger. She recommends light yogurt, Greek yogurt and yogurt with low sugar. This product can be stored in a package, or put in the freezer, making ice cream and helpful to use for snacking.

To exercise control over portions

Eli Bowen, a specialist in nutrition and psychotherapist, who works in West Columbia, South Carolina, said that the correct portion size is important for weight loss. It offers ISP

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