How to choose an Orchid in a shop or greenhouse

Take seriously to every rule – and Orchid will please you for years.

Як правильно обрати орхідею в магазині чи оранжереї

I, myself, have a lot of orchids and all of them I chose by using these tips! They are still in bloom and healthy!

In the rich variety of types – up to 35 thousand (10% of all plants in the world), shapes and colors, all orchids are identical in structure: they have three sepals and three petals, one of which is larger and brighter than others, sometimes in the form of a Cup. Orchids come in any color – even black and green, informs Rus.Media.

Remember the General rules:

Orchids are sold in any season. But this does not mean that on March 8 they like the cold. After all, their homeland – the tropics! Buying an Orchid, at least wrap the flower in a cocoon of several layers of thick paper. This will protect it from drafts and cold wind. So, do not hurt the roots, leaves and buds.

In supermarkets orchids suffer from lack of attention. But in the small flower shops take care of them better. In addition, the florist will call the exact name of the plant (Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium) and will tell you how to care. But the perfect destination – greenhouse. So, the nurseries grow flowers in conditions close to natural. And yet, they provide competent care. This is the key to good health orchids.

Flowering plants are beautiful, but deceptive. Orchid is depleted during flowering. Phalaenopsis, for example, can bloom several years and then die. How much he has to live and how many keep it on the shelf, no one will answer.

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On the other hand, to blossom “young”, will take years. Fortunately, there is a middle ground – to find an instance with closed buds. So you can enjoy the blossom in full!

Near the shelves with orchids, examine the substrate. The bark must be large and not rotten, if the moss is dry and fluffy. If conditions are wet (I was recently watering), the pallet should not be water. In General, plants should be dry and clean. Buy Orchid better in a dry substrate. So, it is easier will be given to the relocation and transportation.

Roots is the overarching. Dense, elastic, and not sluggish is a signal of good health. In a dry mix, they have a light green color, and wet – dark green. Brown or gray roots are bad.

Ideally, the roots should be larger than the substrate. They are never enough! If the system sticks out a bit, everything is fine. If the plant is in the movable slide, her newly transplanted and it has not caught on. Therefore, it is better to buy one that sits firmly. Check the eyes or grasp the plant near the stem and gently wiggle it (very gently!).

A healthy Orchid leaves have the same shape, feels dense and resilient, looks evenly painted. If the leaves Shine, apparently, the reason lies in lethal dose feeding. The plant is unlikely to bloom, and take it not worth it. As those that have mechanical damage, stains, dents, warts or insects

Backup the last, thing to look. No it should not have mold.

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Take seriously to every rule – and Orchid will please you for years. Oh, and don’t throw away the label. The name quickly forgotten. And choose the fertilizer still have.

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