How to check your health in 5 minutes, without leaving your office

Как проверить свое здоровье за 5 минут, не выходя из офиса

You can check your health at work

Before you undergo the following tests, please note that none of them can make an accurate diagnosis, which requires doctor’s consultation. Their goal is to inform you that in the body, there may be certain processes. To run tests you will need no more than five minutes and you can make them without leaving your desktop.

Как проверить свое здоровье за 5 минут, не выходя из офиса

Check thyroid

Stand up from a chair, close your eyes and stretch your arms in front of him palms up. Then widely spread your fingers and ask a colleague to gently put your hands a sheet of paper. If you notice that your fingers and paper with them began to shake – it is an occasion to make an appointment to the endocrinologist and to investigate the state of the thyroid gland.

Jitter fingers is a characteristic symptom of hyperthyroidism, excess thyroid hormones in the body due to the increased production of their thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).

Checking the lungs and heart

For this test you need a stopwatch. Staying at work chair, take a few deep breaths. After another deep exhale, hold your breath and time yourself with a stopwatch the time during which you will be able to breathe.

Arrange a short break for 2-3 minutes, continuing to breathe naturally. Then take a deep breath again hold your breath and turn on the stopwatch.

If you managed not to breathe for 25-30 seconds, exhale, and 40 seconds on the inhale – your respiratory system and heart is likely fine. If you do not fit into this framework, it is likely that the lungs and heart need medical attention.

Check for fluid retention

Remove shoes, socks and with your thumb push down on the upper area of the foot. If after you remove your finger, the hole disappeared within a few seconds, most likely water retention in your body there. But if the hole remains, it is likely that you have this problem, so you should consult a doctor.

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Как проверить свое здоровье за 5 минут, не выходя из офиса

Checking blood circulation

Take a glass of very cold water and dip into it the tips of the fingers, wait 30 seconds. If you notice that after this step, the fingers pale or acquired a bluish tinge, the blood circulation in your body may be broken. Be sure to make an appointment to see a doctor.

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