How to change the utilities in Ukraine in may

Как изменится оплата коммунальных услуг в Украине в мае

In may in Ukraine to operate a municipal reform. How to change the utility bills, read this article

From may 1, 2019 shall enter into force the new law “On housing and communal services”, which will change the principle of payment for utility services and the type of payslips. What innovations are waiting for the Ukrainians, understood Politeka.


Utilities will be differentiated. Receipts will now be a separate count of “fee”. Subscription services you will need to pay every month, regardless of the fact, use the consumer service or not. So, for the supply of electricity, water and heat will need to pay a monthly fee, even if the counters are zeros.

The choice of service provider

However, the requirements to the suppliers of public services. Ukrainians will now be able to select services that supply utilities. Through the steward of the house, which will replace Zhao, tenants will be able to enter into a contract with the service provider. If the quality is not acceptable, then a year later you can choose another supplier.

Как изменится оплата коммунальных услуг в Украине в мае

How to change the payment of utilities in Ukraine

The quality of public services

Requirements for the quality of services are also rising. If the tap is running enough hot water or irregular garbage disposal, the consumer may fill out a form with the complaint to quality of public services. If the special Committee determines a violation, it is not for appropriate the standards of service you can pay less or not pay at all.

For example, if the temperature of hot water is 75-50 degrees, then for her to pay at the full rate if 45 to 49 degrees, then 90%, 40-44 degrees – 70% of the tariff. If hot water does not reach up to 40 degrees, for it you have to pay the tariffs on cold water.

Another innovation: the utilities are obliged to supply the service continuously. If hot or cold water is shut off for more than 6 hours per day, the cost of services will be reduced by a few percent.

Как изменится оплата коммунальных услуг в Украине в мае

How to change the payment of utilities in Ukraine

It’s the same with heating. According to the standards, the air temperature in the heated room must not be below 18 degrees. If the apartment in the winter is not more than 12 degrees, the heating can never pay.

The penalty for coping with debt

On the other hand, and to the consumer are subject to more stringent requirements. Utilities should be held on time. For the debts of Ukrainians now will be punished.

After the 20th day of the following month, failure to pay the bills, begins to accrue penalties for every day of delay.

We will remind, Ukrainians owed for electricity “space” amount: “this budget of several cities”.

As reported Politeka, penalty will be charged for each day of delay.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine has introduced management services for apartment buildings.