How to change the rules of the EIT to the disciples: “now it is necessary to teach..”

Как изменятся правила сдачи ВНО для украинских учеников: "теперь учить надо.."

For students with complete General secondary education in 2021 will change the rules of the EIT

This was during a press conference dedicated to the results of the testing in 2019, said the acting Director of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment Valeriy Boyko, reports the portal

Как изменятся правила сдачи ВНО для украинских учеников: "теперь учить надо.."

Now there will be two compulsory subject for the exam: the Ukrainian language and mathematics. The third subject you can choose between the history of Ukraine and foreign language. But the fourth item is entirely at the discretion of the applicant and it can be selected from the list, which offers Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment. Tests in Ukrainian language and mathematics are two-level.

Как изменятся правила сдачи ВНО для украинских учеников: "теперь учить надо.."

Earlier it was reported that pupils and their parents, the government made a number of changes. So, in the first place, will be abolished school uniform. Everyone will be able to go to school what you want. Also broadening the opportunities of home schooling. Now the child will be able to combine his athletic career and education. Schools will also be able to teach, not a teacher. But the latter is waiting for good news. Because they raise wages. This is done in order to make people want to go to work in schools without worrying about their financial well-being.

In the first class there will be no competition. Child can learn, where he is comfortable. Also now in schools will not have honor roll and assessments will be announced to you individually. The government encourages the management of schools more attentive to the problems of children and prevent child abuse.

Also in schools now will work a child psychologist who will help you to cope with teenage problems.

We will remind, loud scandal has inflamed in the Lviv school.

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