How to change Google: the company introduced the 6 major innovations

To its 20th anniversary, Google decided to update the search engine.

Як зміниться Google: компанія представила 6 основних нововведень

If you haven’t got used to the new GMail interface, be brave. All the innovations Google has borrowed from the social networks: results of the materials based on user preferences, like in Instagram, and the collection as Pinterest, informs Rus.Media.

The activity map

These cards will appear at the top of the page and give links similar to the results of the previous search queries.

It is planned that they will be able to help users who have to make the same or similar search queries. For example, when searching airtickets. Now when the user will enter a query that he was already introduced earlier, similar references which he opened, and the requests that were made, will open at the top, and he won’t have to repeat the same action several times.

Collection Google

The activity map will help to assemble a collection. And Google, in turn, will recommend to them “the article on the subject.” For example, if Google knows that a user is about to fly to the Port, then offer him an article about the best restaurants in the city.

The user can choose which article he wants to see more often and which less often. Overall, funkcjonowanie like pictures in Pinterest. Such innovations are expected on the Google Feed, which is renamed to Discover.

Google Stories

The video search will resemble the Stories in Instagram. Artificial intelligence that Google has now implemented almost everywhere, in response to the query will show the most important snippets of the videos.

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Improved search by image

The image search works thanks to artificial intelligence. The company promised that it will increase the relevance of answers at times.

Also under the pictures in the results immediately the site name and page title where you found the picture. The company believes that it should simplify the search. In the search engine will introduce a feature from Google Lens, which is able to find individual objects from a photo.For example, you can allocate a photo on the TV to find a similar or the same. It is expected that over time this feature will work with people and animals.

Assistance in case of disaster

So that users do not waste time and googled “what to do in an emergency situation,” Google added a feature warning about the impending disaster and the recommendations associated with them.

The innovation will be able to meet the people of India, which will thus prevent flooding.

Help with a career

For those who are looking for a job, Google will show a list of suitable vacancies and offer training courses depending on interests. First with this feature will be able to see the people of Virginia.

In addition to 20 th anniversary the company has launched a website with random facts about search on the Internet. For example, the song We are young most often searched for in 2012, and in 2007, 2010 and 2014 were the most popular searches for tea.

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