How to care for your scalp: the top most important tips

Как ухаживать за кожей головы: топ самых важных советов

Many people dream of a lush, thick and shiny hair. Someone grows long hair, someone wearing short haircuts. If there is enough hair care for obtaining the desired effect? Magicforum figured out what to do to make your scalp healthyand hair thick and strong. Here are all the most important care in one place, read on!

How to get healthy and beautiful hair?

Many argue: my head every day and oil, and balm for hair use, and go to the Barber, and the hair was still not good enough. However, we must not forget that the tree will not grow strong and healthy in poor soil or damaged roots, and the hair needs not only in surface care. It is important and skin, much more important than many factors that affect the hair.

First and foremost, to achieve a gorgeous head of hair, you need to take care of your scalp. Healthy soil will ensure the growth and strength of hair. Hair follicles will be awakened, and your hair will become more thick, will be fixed, and the hair will not fall out. And with proper care, you can forget about the problems in the form of dandruff, itching, oily roots.

Any skin care consists of three stages:

— Purification;

— Food;

— Extra care.

These rules mandatory added certain taboos.

Cleansing of the scalp

To wash my hair every day is impossible. If there is such a habit and the next day, the appearance deteriorates, it is necessary to endure a period of time escaping, for example, gels for the hair or a dry shampoo. After some time, the sebaceous glands will get used to the new pace and a new mode of washing.

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Consensus about how often should I wash my hair, no. It is believed that this should be done once or twice in a week or ten days. At the same time and trichologists and dermatologists assert that daily washing is harmful.

The water should be hot, and the shampoo suitable for hair type. Not recommended without need to use products such as two in one. In the case of separation of the stages of purification and the power use is much better.

Soap for the skin of the head is harmful. It dries and, as a consequence, leads to itching and dandruff.

It is important to rinse the hair from the remnants of the shampoo. Rinse welcome contrast to water temperature.

Towel to RUB the hair don’t need, you can just blot the excess moisture and allow to dry in a natural way.

Nutrition of the scalp

One cleanse is not enough. The dermis needs nourishment, which it gets inside the body and outside.

Of course, obtaining all the necessary vitamins and minerals to any part of the body, comes from proper nutrition.

In addition, at least twice a month, to pamper myself with masks for heads. You can get them ready in the shop, cosmetology or pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. Masks, cooked at home, not stored, but used immediately, but they have a lot of advantages:

— easy to manufacture;

— do not require large cash expenditures;

— will not cause allergic reactions, as the manufacturer knows precisely what foods are not the consumer;

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— have no chemical additives;

— can be prepared each time from different ingredients with the appropriate direction of action.

The mask can be prepared on the basis of food products, honey, oils. The recipe depends on what result is being pursued. For example, if the desire is increased growth and density of hair suitable mask with the addition of essential oil or cinnamon powder or mustard. If you’re worried that my hair became dull and started to break down, need a mask with the addition of egg yolks or dairy products. Mask based on honey can work wonders, as they have a warming effect and contain many useful elements.

It’s impossible to ignore the mask using grains, their use is also difficult to overestimate.

Recipes, the most important is to determine the type of hair and a problem that needs to be resolved.

There are quite simple to prepare hair masks. As a rule, the Foundation of any vegetable oil, almond, castor, burdock, olive, with the addition of a few drops of essential oils. Essential oils have not only a directional effect on a certain skin problem, but at the same time provide a wonderful aroma.

Masks should be applied before shampooing and keep from 15 to 40 minutes. The effect is improved if the procedure to cover the head with foil and a towel.

It happens that in the circumstances the mask for the head to do no way (or desire, Yes, this also happens). In this case, come to the aid of ready-made balms, lotions, oils, are applied to the hair after shampooing. Some operate for a few minutes and are subject to washout, some don’t even need to rinse.

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Extra care for the scalp

It is important to remember that combing your hair healthier in the evening, with added elements of head massage. There are special tools for this, however, if such a miracle at hand was not his role to perform massage brush or your fingers own hands.

Wet hair is better not to comb it. There are hairstyles that require blow drying immediately after shampooing. In this case, the only thing that can ease the situation is to correctly select the dryer mode and drying.

Night hair need to rest, as the whole body. Sleep better with her hair down or braid in a weak spit, in case of their lengths.

With a strong and systematic itch and dandruff it is recommended to use tar soap and essential oil of tea tree. These symptoms may indicate the appearance of mold. There are also pastes and creams for treatment which are sold in any drugstore. It is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the scalp, if there is a problem with which to cope does not work, you can seek the help of a specialist, dermatologist or a trichologist.

In beauty salons and Barber shops today, there are many treatments that also contribute to the health of the scalp and, consequently, obtaining a healthy and beautiful hair.


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