How to become a math genius: scientists shocked the new discovery

Как стать математическим гением: ученые потрясли новым открытием

Music lessons contribute to a better understanding of the exact Sciences

Scientists from the University of British Columbia (Canada) conducted a large-scale surveillance of students. The results showed that children involved in music schools, markedly better at math or language exams and tests. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

“Music lessons and the arts are often relegated into the background and are financed by a residual principle, as officials believe that they interfere with children to learn math, science and language. We have shown that it is not – the more children study music, the better they learn,” — said specialist Peter Goswamis.

Как стать математическим гением: ученые потрясли новым открытием

The last few years, experts are trying to install are aptitude for music, math, science and writing talents to a genetic predisposition. As a result of hundreds of experiments, geneticists, psychologists and neuroscientists have concluded that a genetic relationship of these issues simply do not exist.

However, on the other hand, the mathematical gift, the children most likely inherit from their parents than not. In many ways, the disclosure of such data depends on education and upbringing.

The scientists also found that children exhibiting skills in music, performing well in mathematics and Vice versa.

Scientists continue to argue whether there is a relationship of academic success and how close the love of numbers and art.

Peter Goswamis together with other specialists followed the progress of 100 thousand senior pupils of canadian schools, matriculation or intermediate exams.

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Как стать математическим гением: ученые потрясли новым открытием

Children were divided into two groups: 13% of guys who are musicians, and others who have no such a hobby. Sociologists also compare between pupils by the ratio of what they have achieved in music and what they learned.

The results showed that the music influenced the success in subjects such as: mathematics, biology, physics and the Humanities.

Children play musical instruments better at exams than those who did the vocals. This is because the understanding of the notes, the consistency of the game in the team and fine control with their hands, accelerates the self-development of these children.

Also the higher the success in music, the more the pupils achieved in school.

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