How to avoid becoming a victim of a nutritionist dropout: the named products, which are harmful to

Как не стать жертвой диетолога-недоучки: названы продукты, которые вредят

Some products, praised by nutritionists, only seem useful

In weight loss and improvement plays an important role nutrition. Modern nutritionists take a huge burden — make meal plans, make recommendations that are suitable to a specific person and purpose. But some products that would seem useful on first glance, can actually be your enemies.


Как не стать жертвой диетолога-недоучки: названы продукты, которые вредят

The most harmful product that can recommend a nutritionist, is rice. But not everyone, and the white, cleared. In its structure a large amount of simple carbohydrates, which can significantly spoil your figure. But brown rice can recommend a nutritionist that the person lost weight. Then his recommendations to listen to.


Yogurt yogurt strife. There are those that are really useful. But if the nutritionist advised sweet yogurt and the popular brands, then most likely it is not the most competent expert. If yogurt, kefir, and other dairy products do not contain fruit or sugar additives, the foods you can eat. Also nutritionists advise to exclude such products, where there are thickeners, starch. The best substitute for natural yoghurt, which is already and you can add fruit, spices, berries.


Modified corn affects terrestrial and aquatic organisms. It turns out in the corn pollen contains a harmful poison. Because of this, its use was banned in some countries. Therefore, it is better to refuse from eating this product in any form. But especially canned.

Dried fruits and fruit chips

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, many nutritionists advise to eat fruit chips. They have become extremely popular in recent years. But most manufacturers are not conscientious, so useful chips remains only the name. The fact that most cook them deep-fried, like potato. And dried fruit treated with different chemical compositions, which also “kills” all the benefits.


The grapes are very much sugar. Taking a bunch, you can’t stop and finish it to the end. So a nutritionist, who advised him to eat during weight loss, is unlikely to be a good specialist. Because the grapes just clogs up stomach sugar without causing the body any good. Berry is especially harmful if you consume it from fatty fish, cucumbers, melons, beer or milk.


Как не стать жертвой диетолога-недоучки: названы продукты, которые вредят

Of course, fish is a useful product for weight loss. However, incorrectly prepared product able to cause a lot of harm. Fish is beneficial for health only if it is baked or boiled. But fried and salted fish, smoked or dried with a large amount of salt can be extremely harmful. So beware of nutritionists who advise you to eat fish in any form.

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