How to add extra kilos: clothes that make me look fat

Whichever figure was slim or not, there’s always a risk of spoiling the mismatched clothes.

Як не добавити лишніх кілограмів: одяг, який повнить

Stylists say that there are details of clothing, which can add extra pounds to anyone, and if you don’t want to look a couple of sizes larger, then you should listen to these tips, informs Rus.Media.

Large prints, checks and stripes

Як не добавити лишніх кілограмів: одяг, який повнить

This does not mean that you should leave the clothing in colors, stripes and plaid, you just need to pick the right pictures. Moreover, the cage in this season of “the hit of all hits” and abandon the fashionable trend crime. So if you want to look smaller, choose a smaller cell size.

If you choose print, you see that big picture does not impinge on the problem areas. I agree, a huge rose on the belly or a big face of Mickey mouse would look ridiculous, but if you will select the smaller motifs give the preference to neutral shades, then the print will be fine.

With a strip simpler: there just needs to change its direction. Everyone knows that vertical lines visually elongate the silhouette and make the figure slimmer. But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite striped tops. Stylists claim that a wider stripe with a small distance from each other, really make the silhouette more visually, but the small strip with evenly distributed pattern does not hurt you.

Just kombineras it with a slim skirt or pair of jeans that sit on you perfectly. Put on top of a jacket or cardigan and all your “striped image” will look perfect.

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Як не добавити лишніх кілограмів: одяг, який повнить

Any specialist will tell you what things are made of shiny or satin fabrics, always increase the size. And now let me explain why: shiny fabrics reflect light, so you can attract the attention of others on the imperfect of your figure.

Therefore, it is necessary to soberly assess all its faults, and if no Shine not to do, to try, at least choose things that will make the emphasis on the virtues. Example: you have nice Boobs, but not perfect hips, then wear a slim skirt of dark color and supple shirt made of satin fabric.

A lot of details

Як не добавити лишніх кілограмів: одяг, який повнить

A huge number of pockets, ruffles, flounces will make the figure larger. If you’re obese, then you really need to abandon the details, which 100% will add a couple of sizes. But, if you follow the rules of proportion in the style, you can afford a couple of ruffles in the blouse, combining it with pants or skirt, straight silhouette.

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