How to actually correctly measure the pressure

Как на самом деле правильно мерить давление

How to correctly measure blood pressure

To measure blood pressure today many of us can at home and without assistance, enough to buy a blood pressure monitor. The device is highly accurate, however, some simple actions on your part can lead to incorrect measurements.

Systematic measurement of blood pressure and regular monitoring allows you to quantify your state of health and choose the right tactics of treatment.

This is especially important to do high blood pressure. This will help keep zacharovanna under control and time to seek help from a doctor. But are you confident that you know how to correctly measure blood pressure?

At first glance, in this procedure there are no complications. However, remember that before measuring, you need some preparation, otherwise, you can get sotvorenie results. How W to measure the pressure correctly?

Как на самом деле правильно мерить давление

5 minutes of rest before measurement of pressure — a must! Half an hour before the procedure, refrain from Kurna coffee, tea, Cola. (Drinks containing caffeine)

Sitting, leaning on the back of a chair (this is important)! The hand relaxed, still lying on the table. Keep silent during the measurement of pressure.

Cuffs should be obormot around the forearm with the center of the inflatable bag directly over the brachial artery and the lower edge of the cuff should be about 2-3 cm above the elbow.

Keep inflatable bag was at the level of the heart. The feet rest on the floor. But do not cross your legs during the procedure.

Secovi bubble before the blood pressure measurement needs to be emptied. The clothes should not compress the shoulder. The results will be distorted if you measure the pressure by putting the cuff on clothing.

But not peremirie pressure of 2 to 3 times in a row. The second measurement can only be done after 7-10 minutes. If you decide to remeasure the pressure, make the other arm.

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Как на самом деле правильно мерить давление

The difference in the 10-15 units (10-15 mmHg) should not scare you. This is normal. Violation of these conditions will lead to the fact that the results will be distorted (the device will overstate the figures).

And this, in turn, will lead to the necessity of reception in this case, unnecessary drug.

Thus, the results will be distorted: after taking a coffee on 11/5 mm Hg. article alcohol-on 8/8 mm Hg. article

By the way, the effect of alcohol on blood pressure numbers lasts 2-3 days! Smoking — 6/5 mm Hg. article sechovy with a full bladder — in 15/10 mm Hg. article at the lack of support for the back — systolic 6-10 mm Hg. article in the absence of support for hands — on 7/11 mm Hg. article

Increase in blood pressure due to stress naturally, however to treat the jump better calming drugs and procedures!

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