How the dollar will react to the victory Zelensky: “Everything will depend on…”

Как курс доллара отреагирует на победу Зеленского: «Все будет зависеть от…»

The electoral victory of President Vladimir Zelensky will not materially affect the dollar, as well as on cooperation with IMF

This was stated by the head of analytical Department of investment company Concorde Capital Oleksandr Parashchiy.

“We do not expect any influence of this event on the hryvnia exchange rate, since the victory Zelensky is not a surprise for the market. Since there are no surprises or unfulfilled expectations, the hryvnia exchange rate will be determined solely by the balance of the current demand for foreign currency among importers and suggestions from exporters and foreign buyers OVZG”, — he said.

Как курс доллара отреагирует на победу Зеленского: «Все будет зависеть от…»

A similar opinion was expressed by economist Sergei Fursa.

“Now victory Zelensky no effect on the hryvnia exchange rate will not have. It was predictable, and all have been in price. In the medium term, the hryvnia exchange rate will depend on whether cooperation with the IMF. If not — all will be very unstable, and if we lose, the IMF, the rating doesn’t matter anymore, because for us it is the path to default,” he stressed.

As reported, the international monetary Fund has predicted the hryvnia to the US dollar until 2024. According to the IMF at the exchange rate of the hryvnia in the next five years, the Ukrainian currency will gradually depreciate. So, by the end of 2019, the dollar will be worth, according to forecasts, 28,66 UAH. In 2020, the hryvnia exchange rate will be even lower, 29,92 UAH per dollar. In 2021 30.5 UAH per dollar, 2022 – 31,01, 2023 – 31,47, 2024 – 31,94.

Additionally, in a recent analytical report Fitch credit rating of Naftogaz, the prediction was made that the value of the dollar in Ukraine by the end of 2019 would be no higher than 28.86 USD. The Agency predicts that over the next year, the hryvnia will continue to devalue and lowered to the level of 30.6 hryvnia per dollar.

Как курс доллара отреагирует на победу Зеленского: «Все будет зависеть от…»

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