How not to turn a hair in the “crow’s nest”: the five major mistakes when blow-drying

Как не превратить волосы в "воронье гнездо": пять основных ошибок  при сушке феном

Do not be afraid of hair dryer, but drying their hair you need to properly

Not so long ago trichologists have come to the conclusion that it is better to dry the hair, not in a natural way. But it should be done correctly, otherwise instead of healthy strands you will receive a “crow’s nest” and spoil the hair.

Как не превратить волосы в "воронье гнездо": пять основных ошибок  при сушке феном

1. You don’t protect the hair

Even if you put the hair dryer on the low air temperature, a directed flow is still too much dries your hair, not only literally, but also depriving them of necessary moisture. Either switch to a leave-in conditioner, or apply moisturizer for a thermal cut-out or laying — off function, maintain moisture level of hair.

2. You do not share the hair

When you dry your hair with a shock, that is, all at once, part of the strand is subjected to excessive exposure, while others are still wet. Better divide the hair into sections, each capturing a clip and the sushi turns: you will spend the same amount of time, but won’t hurt your hair strands.

3. You dried up the hair

Fearing to spoil the structure of the hair, a blow-dry the hair to “damp”, and the rest of the process goes on naturally. Because of this, the hair scales are not close to the end, the hair becomes dull, brittle and split. So be sure to bring the strands to dry!

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4. You’re using the wrong comb

If you wear straight hair, you will approach a comb with metal teeth — heated, they will work like mini-straighteners. If you draw the hair during the drying process, take a comb with natural bristles. Finally, if your hair is too much confused, generally give up combing during the drying process and only probely the strands with your fingers.

Как не превратить волосы в "воронье гнездо": пять основных ошибок  при сушке феном

5. You neglect directional nozzle

Meanwhile, focused stream of air “sliding” along the hair, dropping of scales, and then they will be more shiny. Oh, and of course, the only dry hair from roots to ends, in any case not from the bottom up.

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